By Liz Fenwick, 17th January 2019

My Top Ten Most Anticipated Reads for 2019

By Liz Fenwick

By Liz Fenwick

Note from The Editor:
We are three weeks into 2019 and it’s already looking like an exciting year for literature. With so many fabulous books scheduled to grace the shelves this year, we invited the award-winning author Liz Fenwick to share her Top Ten Most Anticipated Reads for 2019 with us. Buckle in and get your trigger finger ready, we have a feeling a few of these will make it on to your TBR pile!

Liz Fenwick: First off I’m going to cheat as I have already been lucky enough to read two of them (advance proof copies are one of the perks of being a writer). So here they are, my most anticipated reads of 2019…

I loved this book. I fell into it from the first page and didn’t look up as the characters moved into my heart and took up residence. – Liz Fenwick
What a book! It takes you to heart of a long term marriage and shows you the insecurity and fears and the indescribable love that holds it all together…beautiful. – Liz Fenwick
The last book by Lucy was exquisite in how it dealt with grief. Although written for children it spoke to my heart. I can’t wait to read Our Castle By The Sea even though I’m not the intended audience! – Liz Fenwick
I rarely have the luxury of rereading books these days but I have read The Thirteenth Tale twice and I adored Bellman and Black. My excitement was immense when I heard there would be a new book out this year! – Liz Fenwick
This is a change in genre for Louise and I’m excited to read as her previous work has been exquisite. – Liz Fenwick
This is the return of Jason Brodie from Case Histories and to be honest I’ll read any Kate writes…even a cereal box! – Liz Fenwick
I love Stephanie’s writing and with each novel her skills as a story teller improve. I’m really looking forward to this one. – Liz Fenwick
I loved Us by David. I’m sure Sweet Sorrow this summer will be fabulous. – Liz Fenwick
I love Miranda’s writing and can’t wait for this!! – Liz Fenwick
H is for Hawk is one of my favourite books that I can’t wait for the release of the Vesper Flights. I confess the title alone captured me. – Liz Fenwick

I’m sure there are more wonderful books coming out in the last few months of the year, although I haven’t heard about them yet, if this is the roll call for the beginning of the year, I am looking forward to seeing what the end of 2019 has to offer.

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