Reviewed on 5th April 2018

My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland

Genre: Fiction / Mystery / Thriller
My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland Synopsis

The thriller with the twists you’ll never see coming! Perfect for fans of The Girl in the Ice and The Missing Ones. Can a group of true crime addicts take on the police to catch a serial killer?KISS THE GIRLS A young woman is found dead in her bedroom surrounded by rose petals – the latest victim of ‘The Lover’. Struggling under the weight of an internal investigation, DI Dominic Bell is no closer to discovering the identity of the killer and time is running out. AND MAKE THEM DIE… As the murders escalate, Clementine Starke joins an online true crime group determined to take justice in their own hands – to catch the killer before the police. Hiding a dark secret, she takes greater risks to find new evidence and infiltrate the group. As Starke and Bell get closer to cracking the case neither of them realise they’re being watched. The killer is closer to them than they think, and he has his next victim – Clementine – firmly in his sights.

My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland Review

A Perfect Book for the Crime Obsessed

I must confess that My Little Eye is a ‘cherry-pop’ for me, as I have not read any of the authors previous work. Stephanie Marland (also known as Steph Broadribb) has well and truly popped the lid off my Pringles with this one. I am already desperate for more.

As someone who loves thrillers and crime procedural novels, I am always hesitant to read a book by a new author. Although you have the familiar flutterings similar to when you meet a new friend or date for the first time, expectations are high and there is also a real risk. But it seems this one was worth taking.

So what is the book about: 
A serial killer is targeting unsuspecting young women in London, and the murders are anything but tame. As ‘The Lover’ continues his reign of terror, the police are no closer to catching the psychopath. With no clues to lead them to the killer, Clementine Starke steps up to the plate. A Ph.D. student and crime researcher, she quickly delves into the murky waters of the dark web and joins the keyboard warriors and armchair detectives determined to bring this criminal mastermind to his knees.

Of course, every book needs a perfectly flawed cop, it wouldn’t be the perfect book without one, and Detective Dom Bell is a cop with a past. He needs to catch this killer, more for his own sake than for those around him.

This thriller has a very strong contemporary feel with social media playing a crucial part in the plot. The idea of playing with the all too familiar ‘trial by media’ idea really gives the book a current hook. As with most thriller and crime readers, I indulge my passion for mystery watching TV shows along the same lines. And I know I am not alone. So with so many super sleuths being born these days, is it really a surprise that at some point, mere mortals will begin to believe that they can solve crimes quicker than the professionals?

My Little Eye is the perfect first novel in what I hope will become a long-running series. Starke and Bell will keep you hooked, the crimes will keep you guessing and Marland is sure to become one of your ‘go-to’ thriller writers.

I look forward to reading more.

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My Little Eye is Published by: Trapeze
ISBN: 978-140917-197-3

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