Reviewed on 28th November 2015

Read My Song by Awen Finn

Genre: Mind, Body and Spirit / Non-Fiction
Read My Song by Awen Finn Synopsis

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s more important than ever to look within to uncover your true self. Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul offers a new and powerful system for self-knowledge. Awen Finn presents a unique guide to help you discover the hidden meanings and special messages within your favorite songs. With her signature conversational style, Awen’s astonishing insights will help you uncover your true self so that you can live the joyous and fulfilling life you desire. Practical and visionary, Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul is both a unique process of discovery and a powerful work of spiritual wisdom.

Read My Song by Awen Finn Review

Read My Heart, Read My Soul.

Awen Finn is an interpreter of music. In her unique book ‘Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul‘ she takes us on a spellbinding journey via some of the most popular songs of the past and present; melodies which have deeply touched the lives of her clients. We learn how the very elements which attract us to our favourite songs; the lilting tones of the lead singer, the soul stirring chimes of the piano, or the uplifting rendition of the saxophone are all, in fact, conveying hidden messages, guiding us through our lives…

This is a hugely insightful read.
Now I know why the earth trembles slightly beneath my feet whenever I listen to the keys of the piano in Coldplay’s Clocks – as well as the almost haunting rise in pitch in Chris Martin’s warble. And I can understand my compulsion to wind the windows of my car down and belt out U2’s With or Without You. I also get why it’s impossible for me to stay seated whenever Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb (and even more so The Scissor Sister’s version!) comes on the radio. Disclaimer: sorry, but not sorry, to non-Coldplay fans.

There really is a song in this book for everyone.
From Oasis’ Champagne Supernova and it’s mysterious meaning to Otis Redding’s Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, the many examples cited by Awen’s clients (whilst on the one hand unique to each specific individual), can be used as a guide to interpret our own, sometimes seemingly inexplicable, magnetism to a particular song. Because sometimes we simply don’t understand what it is. We can’t quite put our finger on it. Yet something about a song, the echoes of a voice or the harmony and blend of certain instruments just makes us want to get up and dance/celebrate life/live in the moment/wander back to the past and a melancholic memory. That’s the power of music to the soul. It connects us all.
And this is Awen Finn’s gift.
She expertly breaks songs down for her clients by listening out for the clues; the connections to Source/a higher power/God/Mother Nature/The Divine. And her ears are perhaps unlike any other person’s carrying out similar work, for over the years she has intentionally listened to relatively few songs – clearly subconsciously aware of her phenomenal calling! This means she ‘comes into a song blind’ and is able to offer a totally unique perspective of it. She is personally uninfluenced by most songs. By keeping the contents of her iPod to just 25 chants and 25 ‘chilling out’ songs, she is open to interpreting our individual connections to a song in a way that is quite exclusive.

Her client testimonials say it all.
These are also included in the book at the end of each song and are unanimously reflected back as being incredibly accurate. Awen’s clients never sit with her, and so, by taking just their first name, their favourite song and the name of the band or musician, she is able to set to work. I particularly loved the Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty example. Yes, okay I am slightly biased since it’s another hugely favourite song of my own. But soon we learn that those drawn to this song will typically be profound, storytellers, aware of spiritual realms, possess high energy and have a good sense of humour (among other traits). All of these characteristics definitely ring true for me… Awen’s interpretation of the meaning of this song to the client in question goes on to explain the London connection and the narrative of the story, the power of the saxophone to raise the spirit, the electric guitar whose strums are like giant fireworks. I was intrigued. Her interpretation spoke to me so much, echoing once again the way music interconnects and binds us all together. There is very definitely something powerful in this!

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So who is this book for?
Anyone with a passion for music. Slight though it may be, this is a fabulous introduction to Awen’s specialist subject; a chance to get to know the author (and perhaps contact her yourself for a personal interpretation of your own favouite songs). If nothing else, the cover will definitely draw attention to the contents: It’s the perfect ice breaker to adorn your coffee table.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never listen to your playlist in quite the same way again…

Read My Song, Read My Heart, Read My Soul is published by Studio 8 Publishing Sydney
ISBN: 978-099416-721-7

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