Reviewed on 11th October 2018

Mumpreneur on Fire 3 – an Anthololgy

Genre: Motivation and Self Help / Non-Fiction / Short Story/Novellas
Mumpreneur on Fire 3 – an Anthololgy Synopsis

Mumpreneur on Fire 3 is the much anticipated follow up to #1 bestseller Mumpreneur on Fire 2 released in early 2018. Battling through depression, kidnap, bereavement, suicide and more these 25 inspirational women share with you how they became successful mumpreneurs against all odds!

Mumpreneur on Fire 3 – an Anthololgy Review

Inspirational Stories to Make You Sit Up and Take Action!

It happens to us all, we have those days when we feel like nothing at all is going right. We have those weeks when we wonder if Friday will ever come, and we may even have those years when we wonder if we will ever get out of this life unscathed!

We all have our battles to fight, and so many women fight them behind closed doors, so what is refreshing about this book is that it is a no-holds-barred look at what can be achieved if you get out of your own damn way and start putting plans into action to make your life better for yourself.

Now – those looking for a perfectly polished collection of Oprah worthy stories, be warned… life is not perfect, humans are not perfect, and in many respects, some of these stories are not ‘perfect’. They are however raw and real. 

The collection of stories found within this book highlight the real and true feelings of women who have battled some of the most difficult situations and overcome obstacles in order to launch and maintain businesses to support their families.

If you are a stay at home mum, looking around the living room cluttered with plastic toys and remnants of this afternoons lunch, this book could very well be the light at the end of the tunnel. For all those mums who had a day when they believed life ended for them when they had children, fear not… these inspirational women will show you that with the smallest seed of an idea, nurtured with some good old fashioned hard work and a healthy dose of courage, you can be the businesswoman you always wanted to be – even if it means creating your kingdom from the sofa in your front room.

Estelle and Leona, sisters and founders of Mums in Business Association, have given 25 fabulous ladies a platform and a voice to be the inspiration to many mothers out there.

Within the anthology, you will find stories from mothers who founded businesses out of necessity, and those who launched careers out of a long-ignored passion. But the one thing each of these stories has in common is that they empower women. They prove that you really can do anything when you set your mind to it – even with mini monsters crawling between your legs as you try to achieve world domination.

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Women are amazing, mothers are inspirational – that is the resounding notes left behind by this book.

We invited a few of the featured authors to share their stories with us over the coming weeks. To read the first of, you can check out Laura’s story here: “My Invictus Hero”.

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