By Miss Pollyanna, 27th May 2016

Ice Cream Impossible

A 'Poem' in Honour of Fellow Dithering Ice Cream Purchasers...

A ‘Poem’ in Honour of Fellow Dithering Ice Cream Purchasers…

It’s 80 degrees and I’m roasting
The gelateria lures me in
But to Mint Choc Chip or to Mango Sorbet?
Already my head’s in a spin

Both are magnificently refreshing
And handmade, convincingly so…
It’s just I’ve spotted the Strawberry Cheesecake
Now I’ve no idea with which to go

Why can’t I be one of those Steady Eddies
Who plumps for Vanilla every time?
Or ever reliable Chocolate?
Too late, I spot the Malaga Wine…

(Yes, really if you holiday in Spain you WILL come across such a flavour. Do NOT… I repeat DO NOT fall for the trap of temptation of the unknown. It is vile! And full of raisins. You will spend all of the next twenty minutes dribbling at the site of your kids/partner/friends scoffing Dulce de Leche and wishing you weren’t quite so maverick).

You’d think I’d remember my lesson
But hindsight escapes me far too easily
There’s always the call of temptation
To try this parlour’s take on Tutti Frutti

But suddenly I’m emboldened by my wisdom
And then they go add more flavours to the mix!
Do I try Fior di Latte or Ferrero Rocher
Or the Apple Pie one with real pastry bits?

No, don’t show me Millefeuille or Rice Pudding!
I’m back in confusion again
And Yoghurt with a Swirl of Black Cherry
Hardly helps me as the queue starts to gain

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Icecream Lovers

They’re tutting behind me, I can hear it
And the server is poised with her scoop
But if I opt for the Pine Nut over the Nutella
Will I decide I’ve made the ultimate bloop?

I’ll twirl, close my eyes and point a finger
The best decisions happen randomly
Then the girl next to me dives into Coconut and Banana
Which looks totes heavenly…

Besides, at random I selected Chocolate Orange
Which in winter would suit me just fine
But today’s like a pizza oven that won’t surrender
I guess I ought to take the Lemon or Lime

And then I regret all those losses
Of flavour sensations unique
So I greedily whisper the words ‘Sundae Dish’
I’ll take a dollop of them all… over satisfaction defeat.

Except the Malaga Wine flavour… Like I said, never, never, never be fooled by alcoholic ice creamy fancification. Baileys IS the limit!

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