By The Duchess, 15th June 2015

Sweet and Spicy Strawberry and Pomegranate Gazpacho

A Very Regal Appetizer

It wasn’t until I spent some time in warmer climes that I realised the appeal of the cold soup. The first time I was offered the dish, I can honestly say that I very courteously declined the offer and tucked into a cold salad instead. I wish I had known at the time what I know now. How wrong I was to turn away such a refreshing dish.

Gazpacho – is generally a cold soup made with raw vegetables. It is tends to be made from a fresh tomato base. But let’s face it, The Glass House Girls like to mix it up a little. I have experimented with lots of different Gazpacho recipes, from Apple and Celery to Cucumber and Mint – but my favourite incarnation of this wonderful dish is one I tweaked and perfected myself with the ingredients I found in my fridge.

It is the perfect appetizer or snack any time of year…especially when wanting to watch your figure!

Jedediah Laub-Klein

In my humble opinion, this is a starter or appetizer fit for a Queen (or a Duchess at least) and the sparkling of the pomegranate seeds gives it that slight touch of ruby elegance.

  • A blender
  • A ladle
  • 5/10 ripe strawberries.
  • Half a pomegranate (or the equivalent in pomegranate seeds.)
  • 1 large red pepper (and yes it has to be red… otherwise it will discolour this beautiful dish)
  • 3 beef tomatoes (or vine tomatoes/but make sure they are large)
  • The juice of half a lime
  • Half a cucumber
  • Chilli (you can use half a hot red chilli, or chilli flakes… and this is to your taste – but not too much! You don’t want to overpower the strawberry.)
  • Garlic – 1/2 cloves is more than enough
  • Sea salt
  • Fresh basil
  • Cayenne pepper/or milled black pepper
  1. This bit is really easy. Chop up the tomatoes and pepper into chunks.
  2. Dice up the cucumber.
  3. Put them all into the blender.
  4. Crush up the garlic and add that.
  5.  Add the chilli and salt (but not the pepper yet) to taste and don’t forget to add the strawberries.
  6. Just before you blend, don’t forget to add the lime juice. You need something to cut through the sweetness.
  7. Taste the Gazpacho and decide if any more chilli is needed.
  8. When you are happy, ladle into a nice bowl and top with sparkling red ruby pomegranate seeds and a sprinkling of fresh milled pepper.
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