By Miss Pollyanna, 26th February 2016

Quit Playing the Age Game!

A Number is only a Number...

A Number is only a Number…

Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten. Twenty-ten? Yes, Twenty-ten. That’s what I said! You heard me right. Doesn’t it have a slightly nicer ring to it than thirty? And how about this: thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, thirty-ten? Hmm, I’m guessing most of you would prefer thirty-ten to forty?

This is the trivial difference, the perpetual trickery of the mind that we are old, past it, no longer hip, all bags and wrinkles… simply because the number nine turns into a zero. And what a load of crap, I say!

Why, oh why do we attach so much significance to a number?
Why does forty-nine feel so much ‘younger’ than fifty? Yet, we don’t quite get that sentiment when we go from fifty-one to fifty-two, do we? There’s something about those pesky nines. So I’ve long been turning mine into tens… elevens, twelves and the rest.

middle aged woman

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Because we wrote the rules.
And we can re-write them. By ‘we’ of course, I mean society. And by choosing to participate in this ridiculous Age Game, we are inflicting this wincing at numbers upon ourselves.

We are agreeing to all of these so-called limitations that come with an additional birthday candle on the cake. Now we are ‘officially’ too senior to wear this, sport a hairstyle like that, dance in a night club, go rollerblading in the park, chew bubblegum, indulge in a colouring book, or have sprinkles on our ice cream.

We’re too ‘dinosaur’ to make snow angels on our backs, go to Disneyland, begin a modelling career, learn to swim, take a parachute jump, set up a business, write that novel, wear denim, braid our hair, enjoy Christmas ‘cos it’s ‘all about the kids’, wear pretty lingerie, get on a bouncy castle, take a ride on the carousel, make a sandcastle, start up ballet lessons, or do the crab in a game of Twister.

Well, y’know what? Rules are there to be broken. You, and I don’t have to play along if it doesn’t feel good. We’d pack up our game of Scrabble, Monopoly or Twister if it wasn’t entertaining us in a good way! So let’s do the same with the Age Game. And let’s start today.

If you still think I’m nuts, consider this…
Einstein taught us that time is merely an illusion. And well, this fascinating and eye-opening You Tube video explains it much better than I ever could. Take a look. It may be the best gift you give yourself this year. Prepare to be blown away. You are not that old! Because time doesn’t actually, really, even flippin’ well exist! And if that’s not permission enough to let yourself off the hook, I don’t know what is?

So lie about your ‘age’.
Because it’s good for you. And if it makes you feel better (and isn’t going to get you into too much legal bother) then damn well remove your Reality Spectacles and put on your Rose Tinted Spectacles instead.

The body mimics your thoughts… literally to a base level where it transfers this information to your cells. This means you are Captain of your ship. If you want to feel younger, stop cracking the self-deprecating age jokes. For they are simply causing ten more grey hairs to sprout, and adding crow’s feet around the eyes quicker than you can quip ‘oh deary dreary me, I’m forty-one this year… soon I’ll be collecting my pension‘.

And stop dressing in the dowdy and frumpy while you’re at it too. Unless you like dowdy and frumpy, of course. Then you have my express permission.

The image you carry of yourself is so strong, super powerful in fact. You really are what you believe yourself to be. Your body is taking this information, processing it, and either thriving or degrading in accordance with your perceived wishes (aka your thoughts).

So, perhaps it’s time YOU quit beating the drum about your vanishing good looks now you’ve reached 30 and 2 weeks old – or whatever your personal age demarcation line has become – and focus on the aspects of you that you still love, the features of your life which make you feel youthful and full of vitality.

And if you can’t think of any of the above, then play a game of musical chairs with some high energy music. It’s one of the best ways I know to reconnect with my spark!

Abraham Hicks, the spiritual teachers sum it up best…
This audio recording from one of their seminars is just fabulous. Since we create our own reality, we have the option, the complete and utter power, as to the kind of reality we choose. Age is no exception. Meaning age is, quite literally no barrier to ANYTHING.

Does it really matter how old we are?
Or is it another way society ‘dumbs us down’, imposes unnecessary limits, keeps us in our place, brings us down a peg or two before we can even contemplate acting upon our desires? Dare I say it: is it because this mass hysteria and panic about getting older fuels the profit of the medical profession?

And don’t get me started on the insurance companies… Do we really need our media; our newspapers, TV broadcasts and Facebook to perpetually blast us with digits every time we are told about the achievements or shenanigans of a celebrity, a victim or a criminal? Does it make us feel good? Is it relevant?

It is not. We’re not confronted with their height, weight, eye colour, favourite food, high school grades or star sign. So why their age?

Next time you find yourself asked your age, remember it is YOU who gets to decide. Do you feel your birthday candles on the cake age; the age that society has brandished you with?

birthday cake candles

If you do, and you are happy with that, then fine. Celebrations all around! But if you feel half of it; if you feel more like two thirds of it, and if you are 86 but you know in your heart that you are, in actual fact 21, then re-claim that age. Sing it from the rooftops! For we are no more cogs in a machine than we are numbers… whose ultimate goal increasingly seems to be reaching that elusive age of 100.

We are souls. Eternal souls. Never ageing. Never dying.

And just to refresh your memory… because the ego is ever so stubbornly trained to bring you crashing back down to ‘reality’, here’s a little something from Einstein:

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

What did you think?

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