Debbie Jinks

All about Debbie Jinks

A singer, lyricist and singing coach by profession, Debbie discovered her passion for writing by accident, literally!

After sustaining a traumatic head injury, she damaged her smell receptors and completely lost her sense of smell, this life-changing condition called Anosmia left her devastated but she found by writing her feelings down it helped her to deal with it.

This is when she fell in love with writing and she’s been hammering away at her keyboard ever since!

Debbie is wild at heart and loves anything to do with nature, her friends lovingly call her ‘Debbie the Diva’ due to her singing and her occasional dramatic tendencies!

If you’d like to find out more, she writes a blog about her Anosmia at

Debbies also has a Facebook page for her Wildlife passion. You can find it here.

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