14th July 2015

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Everything you Need to Know About The Glass House

Everything you Need to Know About The Glass House

The Glass House started as a collaboration between three established writers with experience in global Publishing, Marketing, Print and Online Media. Writing under the guises of The Duchess, Lady Lolita and Miss Pollyanna, our opened up conversations covering a multitude of subjects. Over time, we have invited more and more guest writers and contributors to join us as we open up all the doors of our house in the hope that we can encourage people to share their stories without fear of judgement or repercussion.

Although started primarily as a womens magazine, The Glass House soon turned into a safe space for all and many to share their lives and experiences.

Since 2015 we have expanded and now offer areas of our magazine that provided dedicated space to Travel, Food and Drink and even a specialised Book Club, offering a unique area for Authors and Book Lovers to connect and share their love of the written word.

All of our articles are written in a fresh, honest, (sometimes) shocking and (always) humorous way and we encourage all those who visit our house to join in with discussions.

The Glass House is one of a kind. It gives a voice to a huge percentage of people who are thinking it, but not feeling brave or free enough to say it. In a world of online nastiness and judgement at every turn, The Glass House provides a transparent home for our truth and an opportunity for men and women alike to feel like they are not alone with their opinions.

The Glass House will always be headed by our original Glass House Girls, but we open our doors to all those who have a story or opinion to share and have no where to share it. We hope that we will continue to write about what you are already thinking.

We don’t beat around the bush and we don’t fear recrimination. But we are not vindictive, cruel, personal, bigoted or political – We write about; family, relationships, food, everyday gripes, sex, contentious issues and the ups and downs of life in all it’s gory glory. With plenty of ‘WTF’ moments and belly laughs thrown in for good measure!

So have a read, have your say, join in the debate and share away. Everyone is welcome in The Glass House, and you can throw as many stones as you like!

If you are interested in joining the team and submitting an article to us, pop over to our Submissions Page.

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