14th July 2015

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Achieve Global Reach

Achieve Global Reach

The Glass House is the only online magazine that says it how it is and is dedicated to strong, opinionated men and women with a sense of humour. We are not about making a statement or sitting on the fence; our articles are read, shared and commented on by the same people that you need to reach – those with strong opinions who are listening to us.

What’s so special about The Glass House?
Unlike other news sites and blogs that are a collection of contributing writers or personal blogs written by one person with one opinion, our articles are overseen by our three Glass House Girls – Lady Lolita, Miss Pollyanna and The Duchess. Each pen-name persona has her own writing style, her own take on life and her own fan base – which is a unique opportunity for advertisers to tap into a varied market through three bold and admired spokeswomen. However, we never act alone. We invite other likeminded individuals to share their experiences with us at The Glass House and uniquely tailor our articles to attract a personal audience. We work closely with our contributors to ensure we get the very best out of their work and can reach readers who will truly connect with their personal stories.

Our Glass House Girls have been around a bit too: all three are professional writers with a wealth of published writing behind them and global experience in Marketing, Publishing and Print/Online Media.

Who does The Glass House talk to?
Intelligent busy women with an opinion on everything.
Our readership ranges from 30-65 year old worldwide, with our largest audience in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Our readers want just one thing, and that’s to read about important, rarely-discussed issues written without fear. Whether it be serious topics such as stillbirth and extra-marital affairs, or theeverydayy gripes of men not changing the loo roll, our readers can relate with the honesty in our articles and the humour that we all find in our life as a woman today.

How can we work together?
That’s simple. Email us at advertising@theglasshousegirls.com to find out about current advertising and sponsorship opportunities, or to receive our Media Pack.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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