Emma Bowyer

All about Emma Bowyer

Emma Bowyer is a graceful ballerina. Oops, just in her dreams.

Emma hails from the North of England but has set up shop with her 3 rascal children in Auckland New Zealand for the last 14 years. Where she says it is a darn sight warmer but often misses the British sense of humour.

Emma is the author of a blog Don’t Put Peas Up Your Nose where she talks about the lives of her crazy 3-year-old twinadoes and 6-year-old wannabe Ninja son. She also is a  content and copywriter Word Whisperer.

Emma’s sanity saver, is performing improv comedy on stage. She has acted in theatre all her life and with her comedy group since its inception 6 years ago and loves being laughed at, I mean with. She is professionally trained as an actor and director but readily admits she has forgotten everything she once knew. She blames her 3 young children and sleepless nights for that.

Some things not many people know about Emma is she secretly loves watching WWE wrestling (and has seen it live several times) and she once ran an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

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