Julie Colan

All about Julie Colan

Is a busy mum to two young very active and boisterous sons, wife to a patient (some say “long-suffering”!) husband, as well as a health and well-being enthusiast. Julie loves life and is (pretty much) always up for the challenge. Just recently she has decided to move to Spain for a year-long adventure and is currently looking at making that leap with her family.  Julie’s motto is that “Life is too short to look back at ‘What if’s”

For someone with so much energy it is hard to imagine that Julie was once ‘Tin Woman’ suffering terribly with Ankylosing spondylitis, but after years of research and testing she is now almost pain-free and, more importantly, off life-threatening medication prescribed by the so-called “experts”. Julie now campaigns vigorously for health awareness, particularly in helping others become empowered and take charge of their own “healthcare destiny”.

Julie’s latest project has arisen from discovering the hugely destructive impact that weak pelvic floor conditions are for women and has started her own Facebook support group (Secret Whispers™) and designed her Kegel Exercise Kit with a 6 step progressive weight programme to help build awareness and help women combat such conditions.


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