Sarah Michelle Lynch

All about Sarah Michelle Lynch
Sarah Michelle Lynch is a former TV magazine journalist who escaped the confines of tiny column space, instead unleashing her words into sprawling, fictional landscapes. She published her first novel in 2012 after a bout of maternity leave gave her chance to tap at the keyboard fictionally (for a change). She writes dangerously – from the head and the heart – so you never know what might happen next. (Even she doesn’t.) Sarah has already turned down one book deal from a London publisher because for her, it isn’t about the figures, but the freedom to express – which self-publishing has provided. Since 2012 she has published over 20 titles (and counting…). By day she’s an editor and loves working on new projects and developing new ideas.
Sarah loves writing and even more, loves reading. For her the two go hand in hand. You’re welcome to make friends with Sarah on any of her social networks.
Sarah is on all forms of social media. To find out more you can find here on Facebook, Twitter, or on her own personal website here.

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