By Miss Pollyanna, 10th March 2017

Out of Synch

What not to do if you want a Good Vibe Day!

What not to do if you want a Good Vibe Day!

I started the day too autopilotey. The Famous Author – who will remain anonymous – whom I’d just paid £10 to listen to at a Literary Festival wasn’t as chatty as I thought she would be. My ‘we have a mutual friend’ chat up line didn’t quite make us new Besties.

And why did I ever think it would? She was an author – a bloody famous one at that – speaking at an event. Whereas I was, at the end of the day – which is a phrase I immensely dislike, but in this instance it’s the perfect way to summarise – a customer. She was perfectly polite and reciprocal of conversation, just not full of the ‘Oh-really-you’re-friends-with-……-too-isn’t-it-a-small-world-we-simply-must-become-Facebook-friends!’ kind of response I was, for some reason, expecting.

She also had a queue of people waiting for her to sign their books. She also had the former Archbishop of Canterbury waiting in the wings to delight another audience with another show.

And so, I left King’s Chapel in Gibraltar clutching my mint condition squiggled copy of her best selling book feeling ever so slightly deflated. And just a little bit like the teenager who didn’t quite get it on with Harry from One Direction.


I know. Tragic or what.

My LOA (Law of Attraction) savvy self knows how this gig works!
Had I started my day full of appreciation and pre-paving (I will forego the definition of the former; the latter is the art of intentionally creating the key elements of the day to come by visualising them the way you’d like them to be in advance) Famous Author and I would have been off for afternoon tea up The Rock dodging those petit-fours pinching Barbary Apes.

But, I am guilty as charged. I didn’t do it. Today, for some reason, I just couldn’t be bothered. And now I am out of synch.
And my autopilotey ‘stuff just happens’ frame of mind, though maybe not aided by the elephant grey skies and lashings of rain when I drew back the curtains that morning, certainly wasn’t going to take me to the Promised Land of Positivity any time soon.

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Daniel Zedda
Daniel Zedda

So then, as any reader of The Secret, or follower of the teachings of Abraham knows: it simply snowballed. Momentum gathered. And by the time I was halfway down Main Street I was ‘vibing’ so negatively that I knew I just had to attract The Crap back…

-The friend I was due to meet hadn’t texted me about our lunch date.
-Every cafe I looked at as a possible venue for my now solo lunch date was full to bursting.
-There were Grange Hill style teenagers shouting ‘Prick Arse’ at one another. Yeah that was a first for my ears too.
-A bunch of homeless guys looked me up and down, and then rudely sniggered as I strolled past, taking me right back to the school playground.
– I walked round the back of Irish Town hoping to find a hidden gem of a cafe… only to discover once I’d ordered a coffee, that they didn’t have any toilets. The owner held her hands up in the air and sighed heavily as I walked back out.
– I passed a group of uber stereotypical, sexist, wolf whistling construction workers who made me feel totally vulnerable.

terry greenwell
terry greenwell

-Once back over the border in Spain I couldn’t find the ticket office at the bus station and spent ten minutes wandering round in circles… and when I did locate the shoe box of a booth, three workers were having a blazing row with one another and nobody wanted to serve me.

I was beginning to get the hang of the story I was creating now.
-So of course, my fellow travelers on the bus stank of fags, booze and sweat. As if that wasn’t enough, two of them were effing and jeffing in Cockney rhyming slang about the amount of marijuana they’d sold along the coast, the brothels they’d frequented, and the lack of money in their lives.


– At one bus stop in the hills, the driver was struggling to get the throttle going again, and for a couple of minutes we appeared to be stranded!
-When the bus finally got to my stop, I hobbled home with painful blisters on my ridiculously highly-booted feet… and then I sprained my ankle after thinking it would be a good idea to cushion my steps with a walk in the grassy verge.

Making it home seemed like the biggest triumph!
I put the kettle on, broke myself off several squares of chocolate and flunked on the sofa.

– The children began to argue. It was only logical.
– But they argued again.Well of course.
– And again.
– And again.

Three hours later, I look back at all this beautiful synchronicity from the respite that is my duvet and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.


Look how powerful I am! 

My off-ness started the moment I got so ridiculously star struck – if I’m honest, I even felt my hands shaking as I held out a pen for Famous Author to sign her royal name. And how out of synch is that!

My out-of-kilter-ness started that non-sensical moment that I felt like a lesser being… and then held that thought for seventeen seconds… and then kept it going for sixty-eight (according to Abraham, sixty-eight seconds is the optimum amount of time for manifestations of our thoughts to start to occur around us).

Momentum had to kick in. I’d summoned a Universal Law, and unless I was going to wise up to it quickly, get generally chipper again with my thoughts, me and my experiences were going down a slippery slope for the rest of the day.

And so now I put them to bed.

Sweet slumber will restore my mind. Tomorrow is a chance to do it all over again.

Namaste and carpe diem!


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