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Size HH (Healthy and Happy)

Dieting? Stop! Be a size Healthy, Happy instead!

Dieting? Stop! Be a size Healthy, Happy instead!

Are you done with dieting but want to slim down or tone up? Have you lost weight but still don’t like what you see in the mirror, or feel unconfident with your body?

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It is so easy to judge people we don’t know, even when we try not to. Whether it is their appearance, behaviour, their job, or something we have been told about them. It is instinctual and it’s how we make our way through the world, by judging the information we have so we can decide whether something, or someone, is good for us.

Are we always right about judgments or first impressions?
Imagine you’re at a party or event and a stunning woman walks in wearing a short dress, high heels and a face full of makeup. Then, another woman walks in, head low, hair tied back, no makeup on and a wardrobe from the 80’s. Our judgments of these two women could vary widely depending on our own backgrounds, upbringing, opinions, and tastes, but if I asked you which one you thought was most confident, happy or healthy, which one would you think?

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