By Miss Pollyanna, 16th May 2015

Top 5 Books on Positivity

Powerful Words Remind us we are Made of Magic!

Powerful Words Remind us we are Made of Magic!

There are a gazillion Self-Help titles out there ranging from how to overcome anxiety to making contact with your guardian angels. Whilst they undoubtedly have their place and a keen readership, neither of those tangents really floats my boat.

Three Years ago during a spate of the most hideously pitiful woe-is-me kind of depression, I was handed a truly magical book. I have never looked back.

I’ll make no bones about it; this book has received more than its fair share of criticism. And it’s a disdain which I think falls into two categories: 1) Jealousy because this female writer has made a helluva lot of money from her pearls of wisdom. 2) People who have skim read the book, and falsely assumed it was all about manifesting BMW convertibles, sack loads of cash, mansions and tiaras.

Well, group number 2 couldn’t be more wrong if they tried. Without further ado, I present to you my cherry picked top 5 books on positivity:

1) The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.
A book with an antiquey looking cover and a red wax stamp. Who’d have thought it, but this read totally changed the path of my life. It let me into a great secret; the Law of Attraction. It turns out we are only human magnets! Yes, every thought that we think is quite literally a vibration. And like radio transmitters we emit these vibrations 24/7, so that everything (yup, even the parking ticket, the woman who cut across into our lane without indicating on the dual carriage way, and the man flu we are currently nursing) is merely a product of our past thoughts. Rhonda’s gift is to explain this all simply, step by step, in layman’s terms. The chapters cover Money, Relationships, Health, Self and The World. Once you have read this book, whether you consciously change your thinking or not, whether you embrace a faith in the unseen or persistently remain in ‘reality’, your view of the real way the world works will never quite be the same. Although Rhonda’s book was a stepping stone, and I have discovered other authors whose voices and application of the LOA really speak to me in an even more powerful way, ‘The Secret’ has been an absolute revelation. Shit doesn’t just happen. After reading ‘The Secret’ I could see the synchronicities in my own life (and the lives of those around me) and how my attitude, thoughts, actions and deeds had brought everything to me; the good, the bad and the ugly. It was a huge awakening. If I had been that powerful in creating the stuff I didn’t want, imagine how powerful I am to create the stuff I do want!

Rhonda has so far penned three follow ups to her best-seller; The Power (an utterly fabulous read which would silence all her cynics, for its focus is purely on love), The Magic (ditto, here Rhonda reveals the hidden power of gratitude) and Hero (rather mild in contrast but an up-lifter nonetheless).

2) The Game of Life and How to Play Itby meta-physicist Florence Scovel-Shinn. Or Flo as those of us in LOA circles like to affectionately refer to her.

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This lady was truly ahead of her time. The Game of Life (published in 1925), whilst lean in words, will help you to understand that life is simply a game of giving and taking. What we give out in thought, action or deed, must by Law, return to us as the pictures of our life. Flo’s unintentional humour is fabulous, ringing through her short and to the point paragraphs, helping everyone get the point fast.  For example: “Do come to see me and have a fine old-fashioned chat,” says a friend of Flo’s.

To which she bluntly replies: “No, I thank you, I’ve had enough old-fashioned chats in my life, they are too expensive, but I will be glad to have a new fashioned chat and talk about what we want, not what we don’t want.’

Oh, how many times have I wanted to say that before a coffee get-together with some of my glass half-empty friends! Instead I have to go sit on Mars.

Flo encourages thoughts of wealth, and faith in the un-seen to stimulate the Universe’s bountiful supply of money: “Last year was so different; I had plenty of money and gave lovely presents, and this year I have scarcely a cent.”

The above statement from one of Flo’s clients.

“You will never demonstrate money while you are pathetic and live in the past,” Flo pointedly remarks. “Live fully in the now, and get ready to give Christmas presents. Dig your ditches, and the money will come.”

And so the woman buys pretty paper and tinsel twine; the very things the head would scream ‘no’ to when said money could put food on the table! What happens? Well shucks, she only goes and receives an unexpected gift of $$$ a few days before Noel!

This is the magic that happens when we believe.

Whilst Flo’s words are peppered here and there with Biblical references – which on the surface may not be everyone’s cup of tea – oh boy, will they challenge perceptions. My understanding of The Bible by page 93 of The Game of Life, was that society, the Church, 99.9% of the population are completely missing its hidden messages of abundance for all. I have another 3 titles to review here, so you’ll just have to buy it, read it and discover those little gems for yourself…

3) E-Cubed, by Pam Grout
Pam is magic. Her words are as explosive as The Big Bang, uplifting the most Eeyore among us, and she could hold her own with any comedienne. E-Cubed and its sister title E-Squared, invite readers to test what Pam refers to as the largesse of The Universe for themselves by conducting 9 simple experiments. Follow these with an open enough mind and the results will totally blow you away, so much so that when you reach the end of the book, you will fall to your knees begging for more! And Pam is so confident of our manifesting super powers that she offers us a bonus experiment; #10 The Marriage at Cana Corollary – aka Turning Wine to Water.

In her own words: “In E-Squared, I encouraged readers to begin viewing the world through the eyes of What could go right? Instead of What could go wrong? E-Squared provided the training wheels to this radical new paradigm. In E-Cubed, were ready to fly.”

This book is another which will change your view of the world 180 degrees, leaving you in no doubt that ‘coincidence’ is merely a word, and you are unlimited in your ability to create your life.

4) You Are The Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza
Think you are nothing but a blob of clay at the mercy of the outside world? Think again. Dr. Joe Dispenza is an expert in both neuroscience and quantum physics. This groundbreaking book will reveal to you how every ‘dis-ease’ really is mind over matter; how the mind has the ultimate ability to heal the body, and how DNA can quite literally be re-programmed through positive thought and vibration, making so-called ‘hereditary conditions’ a thing of the past. For anybody concerned about the state of their health, or pre-occupied with ageing (95% of the population mysteriously divert this way 1 second after they turn 30), You Are The Placebo is just the tonic. Dr. Joe backs up all of his findings with amazing case studies, neuro-scientific and quantum physics explanations which will leave even the biggest pessimists speechless… and the pharmaceutical companies in a tail spin.

5) Everything I Have Ever Done That Worked, by Leslie Garner

A beautiful, almost poetic collection of short essays distilled from the journalist’s 30 years of notes, diaries and articles. This superb bedside Bible is guaranteed to bring solace and a smile or two.

I particularly adored ‘When the Sea is your Dinner Date’, a gorgeous piece on dining alone, and ‘Lead a Double Life’, the realisation that you can be in two places at once because everyone else is contentedly living in their own little bubble anyway. ‘It’s Never Too Late’ is an up-lifter too; a short story about learning new skills in later life… although, like Dr. Joe, Pam, Flo and Rhonda, I beg to differ when it comes to Leslie’s view that the ‘biological and medical’ can make things too late.

By now we’ve immersed ourselves in books 1-4 and we already know that’s a complete load of codswallop!

What did you think?

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