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7 of The Most Purrfect Cat Books

7 of The Most Purrfect Cat Books Synopsis

For you and your Furry Feline Friends… We adore our cats. Plain and simple as that. They may – at first glance – seem to be just about THE most disloyal of pet choices; eating, sleeping and staying out all night, but a step into the literary world of any of the following books will […]

7 of The Most Purrfect Cat Books Review

For you and your Furry Feline Friends…

We adore our cats. Plain and simple as that. They may – at first glance – seem to be just about THE most disloyal of pet choices; eating, sleeping and staying out all night, but a step into the literary world of any of the following books will soon have the most pussimistic of us (sorry, just couldn’t help myself!) pining for this popular pet. Cats are intelligent, caring, spiritual teachers, healers and ultimately, friends.

With so many books out there on the fluffy (and not so fluffy) members of our family, choosing a read to help us get to know them a little better can be overwhelming at best!

So here to guide you gently in the right direction are 7 of the Most Purrfect Cat Books from our Glass House library. Curl up with your best friend(s)… or maybe not, if they don’t ‘do’ laps, and indulge and delight in feline frolics, catastrophes and pet pearls of wisdom.


1) A Street Cat Named Bob, by James Bowen
Well, is it any wonder this absolute gem of a story makes it straight to the top of my list? What’s not to love? This is the ultimate tale of animal/human companionship, highlighting what a difference a cat can make when it comes to transforming a life. Bob’s devotion to James truly warms the cockles. And for sure, when author James Bowen first came across an injured street cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, he hadn’t an inkling of the unique (and at times hilarious and roller coaster-like) ‘journey’ that he and his new friend would embark upon together. A Street Cat Named Bob is karma in narration. A homeless guy helps a cat come back from the brink of poor health… and the gorgeous, ginger Bob returns the favour, helping the author heal from his tumultuous past. A must read for every cat devotee, a best-seller that really deserves its status and a totally inspiring piece of narrative non-fiction.

2) ‘Cat Sense‘, by John Bradshaw 

This is paws down one of the best feline books out there when it comes to offering us a bird’s eye view of the domesticated cat’s life. John Bradshaw is one of the world’s foremost authorities on all things cat – and dog – and he writes with wit and practicality about the issues and solutions surrounding our feline friends (whilst being careful to highlight that since we, as humanity, devote so much more time to the study of the domestic dog, much of his findings are pure guesswork). Personally, I love this level of honesty in a writer. Talking us through the backstory of the domesticated cat, the author goes on to explain the ways in which the modern day pet cat will need to evolve in order to keep up with the fast-paced development of humanity; in particular Bradshaw studies the anxieties cats undergo due to sheer lack of space and territory. This is such an eye-opener of a book giving us a fascinating insight into the thoughts of our beloved pets, chiefly because it really does go to great lengths to explain how simple changes in our behaviour can lead to happier, healthier animals.

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3) ‘The Cat Whisperer‘, by Claire Bessant 

This book may be over a decade old, but it is a classic case of an oldie that’s a goodie. Penned by leading UK veterinary journalist and cat expert, Claire Bessant, this is a thorough and delightful guide to creating a more meaningful bond with your pet.  Cat behaviour, cat likes and dislikes are examined in a comprehensive way to encourage owners to build better relationships with their pets. As relevant for a cat expert as a first-time cat owner , this book really helps a human to get inside the mechanics of the feline brain. By acting upon the author’s insightful information, relationships will change for the better and huge differences will start to be apparent. It is often all too tempting to regard our cats as cute, furry and cuddly. But once we register how much is actively going on in their world, and their minds, we can enjoy healthier and more meaningful bonds with these uniquely wonderful creatures. Did you know for example that cats can sit, fetch and walk to heel with the very best of the canine world? Oh yes, the domesticated cat will have you know that it’s definitely no Trophy Pet!

4) Landing on My Feet: The Adventures of Poohka the Cat, by Adelaide Goodwin 

Aimed at children of 7-12 years, this book is a fun, feisty feline adventure for readers of ALL ages. Poohka, a stray Spanish cat, who has become quite accustomed to a lifestyle of luxury on the Costa del Sol, finds himself unwittingly caught up in the escapade of a lifetime simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time… Swept up by a rubbish truck, he is crushed and abandoned a very long way from home. How will he survive the pitfalls of the wild? And how will he ever get back to familiar surroundings? Fortunately for Poohka, he soon makes some new friends in the guise of an owl, a tree and a very courageous wee mouse. All help him in unique ways as he tries to make his way home… with a broken leg. Poohka’s story is one of strength of character, bravery and a dogged – for want of a better word – sense of determination to succeed; traits evident in abundance throughout the spectacular cat kingdom, cleverly woven into a beautiful and adventurous novel.  Will there be a happily ever after? That I just can’t tell you… read it and find out for yourself!

5) Fun and Games for Cats, by Denise Seidl 

We all know that our pooches love to indulge in fun and games, well surprise, surprise, cats do too… and not just when they are kittens! Denise Seidl’s charming, happy-go-lucky book completely dispels the myth that felines don’t wanna have fun. Maybe it’s always appeared to you that your cat is too posh for play, likes to go it alone, or isn’t the type for interaction. If that’s the case it’s high time you opened YOUR mind… Because this nifty little guide would beg to differ. You will be introduced to the very games that your cat will WANT to play. With ideas broken down by cat personality type, an owner can easily decide how best to interest their pet in a variety of activities, and coupled with stunning action photography, you will soon notice a much more purposeful bond has developed between you. It really is quite amazing the effect a little injection of fun and light-hearted physical connection can bring about!

6) Cat Speak, by Brigitte Rauth-Widmann 

Another cat communication book… so how does this one stand apart from the crowd? Well, whilst it undoubtedly touches upon many of the same concepts in books 1-3 above, Brigitte Rauth-Widmann’s account of our cats is all about the never ending question that many of us are super familiar with when it comes to our feline friends: What exactly is it that my cat wants from me? Awash with gorgeous pictures, this read is not only really useful and packed to the rafters with concise nuggets of information, but it also breaks communication down into body parts. A smart approach since cats use their whole body to speak to us. Brigitte examines the clues provided to us through teeth, ears, eyes, fur, tail and body posture. The author goes on to give us a unique glimpse into the body language and non-verbal signals associated with cats at play, explaining in easy to grasp language how we should interpret the meaning of our pets’ behaviour. This truly is the purrfect go-to for all cat aficionados; entertaining whilst very informative.

7) One Hundred Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans, by Celia Haddon

What better way to end than on a funny? Celia Haddon, Pet Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and long-time cat worshipper offers us just that in her hilarious anthology of cat thoughts on human beings. It really is a cracker! An ingeniously clever book portraying mankind from the feline point of view, One Hundred Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans is the perfect dip-in-and-out-of book… as well a read-in-one-sitting chuckle fest. Whether you are a cat-lover or not, you cannot fail to laugh out loud at some of the writer’s perceptions of the domesticated cat’s take on the world… And one thing is for sure: you will never look at your pet in quite the same way again… especially when they are giving you ‘one of those looks!’

So what are you waiting for? Add some of these great reads to your own library, learn more about your beloved cats, build bigger bonds, laugh and play!

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