By Emma-Claire Wilson, 13th November 2020

Have a Very Merry #Chocmas

Montezuma's Support Local Authors' Publication Day...

Montezuma’s Support Local Authors’ Publication Day…

…With a FABULOUS #Chocmas Giveaway!

Launching a new book, as an author, is a tough and nerve-wracking time, but in these days of uncertainty, it’s even harder. With no physical book signings, no tours and no local library readings, authors are working hard to find ways to engage their audience and celebrate their special publication day.

Isabella May and Emma Jackson decided to pull together to help each other with the launch of their new books, and after a chat with a local company, these clever young ladies found a way to support local businesses at the same time.

Montezuma’s is a fabulous and delicious chocolate store located in Brighton, not far from the home of author Emma Jackson. With the current covid situation hitting all local high street shops even harder than normal, it’s so refreshing to see people pulling together to help exposure for everyone in any way they can.

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About Montezuma’s
Montezuma’s launched in 2000 with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm, spades of naivety and most importantly, a broad ideal to bring chocolate innovation to a boring and staid British chocolate market.Thier gorgeous chocolates are the talk of the town and we are so fortunate to be able to share a little of their work with you.
If you would like to find out more, visit their website here.

So, how does Montezuma’s tie in with two fiction authors? In the most delectable way! Montezuma’s is sponsoring local author Emma Jackson and foodie-fiction writer, Isabella May’s #Chocmas giveaway to celebrate the release of their two chocolate-themed novels, One Kiss Before Christmas and The Chocolate Box. You could win a fabulous hamper of Chocolate goodies to enjoy under your twinkly Christmas lights.

We talked to the authors to find out more about their books and why they are teaming up with a Chocolate Shop to promote their books.


What made you use chocolate as such a fundamental feature in your new novel?

Emma: My publisher Orion, wanted me to come up with a proposal for a Christmas novel and I already had an idea for a story set in Brighton connected to my debut novel A Mistletoe Miracle (which features a village inspired by Alfriston). I live not far along the coast and visit Brighton a lot. It’s so beautiful in The Lanes at Christmastime, with all the little shops decorated with twinkly lights down the cobbled alleyways. I really wanted one of my characters to run a shop there and food is so integrally tied to Christmas that a chocolate shop seemed like a wonderful idea. I began researching what it takes to be a chocolatier and the combination of both science and artistry was absolutely perfect for my curious and inventive hero Olivier, who loves to see the beauty in everything.

Isabella: I’m a huge foodie. All of my romcoms contain a foodie/drinkie thread, and it was high time the cocoa bean was made the star attraction in my Foodie Romance Journey series.
I’d long toyed with the idea of a story about a Jumanji-style chocolate box; its contents wreaking havoc or happily ever afters (depending on which shape or center is chosen), but I knew I needed to nail the characters in my head before committing them to paper. So I let the idea marinate for a couple of years and then I knew the time was right. Turning my thoughts to the magic of chocolate has been a great distraction from 2020, that’s for sure!

What association does chocolate have with Christmas for you?

Emma: I know all children get excited at Christmas, but I think my family would agree that when I was younger (and probably still today) I took it to another level! The tiny advent calendar chocolates were something I looked forward to every day when I got to open a new door, moving one step closer to the big day, and I loved those magical chocolate coins found at the bottom of my stocking on Christmas morning. It wouldn’t have felt like Christmas without them. As I got older, it became a tradition for my dad to buy us each a box of chocolates, which we would savor throughout the whole of January. A little treat to keep the Christmas magic going into the new year.

Isabella: Oh, it’s absolutely integral to the festive period. From childhood memories of chocolate Santas and mugs of cocoa, through to enjoying the huge variety of international Christmas chocolate available to us in the modern-day (I’m a huge fan of German chocolate-covered marzipan and gingerbread treats!); it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It literally brings family and friends together and envelopes everybody and everything in holiday cheer. Whether we are sharing chocolates from a box, sipping drinking chocolate at a Christmas market to keep warm, or eating Yule log together on Christmas day, the power of that little cocoa bean is sheer alchemy…

What is your favourite chocolate treat for this time of year?

Emma: A hot chocolate while I’m curled up with a book or watching a Christmas film with the Christmas tree twinkling in the background is the perfect way of relaxing and getting into the festive mood. I also like to open a big tin of assorted chocolates to dig through as a reward while I’m wrapping presents.

Isabella: I’m very partial to Spanish churros in a dark, velvety chocolate dipping sauce. I love a bonfire or yuletide-themed hot chocolate. Anything encompassing toffee, nuts, orange, spice or black cherry in a chocolate bar or box. Autumn and winter chocolate fixes are so important. Little pieces of hygge scattered throughout the dark and cold days. I happily theme my days around chocolate. Brownies and a Netflix Christmas movie marathon on a Friday afternoon when the kids finish school; cocoa and board games on a wet and rainy day; a luxurious, glossy bar of white chocolate and a bubble bath – just because it’s a Monday. The list of chocolate moment opportunities as we hibernate is as exciting as it is endless.

This year, we encourage you to support your local businesses. Covid has hit everyone hard and many are relying on Christmas sales. Montezuma’s deliver, as do many other smaller businesses – buy local, buy books, support authors. Share the love this Christmas.

This fabulous #chocmas giveaway is running between 13th and 27th November. For details of how to enter to win the Montezuma’s chocolate hamper follow and on Twitter.

Buy The Chocolate Box on Amazon here. 

Buy One Kiss Before Christmas on Amazon here. 

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