Reviewed on 18th December 2015

Happy Hooves – Ta Dah! by A.Bogie

Genre: Children's Fiction
Happy Hooves – Ta Dah! by A.Bogie Synopsis

Donkey has a dream about a trip to the beach. He calls to his friends and they begin their journey to the sea and the sand. But how will they cross the terrifying cattle grid that lays ahead? Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! is the first book in a series of tales about the exciting and funny adventures of five hoofed friends who use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome challenges.

Happy Hooves – Ta Dah! by A.Bogie Review

A Story about Friendship and Determination

Ta Dah! is the first book in the Happy Hooves series written by the talented Anna Bogie, who chooses the pen name A. Bogie – a hilarious title that brings a smile to the faces of every child who reads her book. I mean, could there actually be a better name to write a children’s book under?

For the children’s verdict on Anna’s book, and to learn a little more about the author herself – take a look at our Glass House Book Club video:

Anna, who has lived her life in Southern Spain, was so inspired by the animals she would see roaming around the Spanish countryside near her home in Tarifa, that one day, while watching them tentatively make their way across a cattle grid to the beach, Ta Dah! was born.

The book follows a group of animals as they try in a multitude of ways to cross a cattle grid to make it to the beach. Each animal overcomes its own obstacle by showing that with determination and the help of friends, you can achieve anything.

The illustrations by Rebecca Elliott make this story truly pop off the pages.

The Glass House Kids were lucky enough to spend the day with Author, Anna Bogie, and have her read them the book. To see the animation on the children’s faces as they all eagerly shouted “Ta Dah!” at the end of every page, was a joy.

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Happy Hooves – Ta Dah! is published by Fat Fox

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