Reviewed on 26th November 2019

The Matchmaker by Catriona Innes

Genre: Contemporary / Fiction / Romance / Women's Fiction
The Matchmaker by Catriona Innes Synopsis

For Caitlin Carter, love means business.

She’s taken matchmaking back to basics. There is no swiping left. No creepy location tracker. Definitely no unsolicited pics of areas of the anatomy no one wants to see. She’s made dating great again: personal, patient… and profitable. Her startup is going from strength to strength, with clients wanting to find the love she has with her own husband Harry, and she even has celebrities wanting to use her services…

Caitlin is living the perfect life.

Except it’s all a perfect lie. And Caitlin doesn’t know how long she can keep it up.

In an era of social media and dating apps, when we have never been more connected yet more isolated, The Matchmaker is a story about love, loss and loneliness, and learning to accept your reality.

The Matchmaker by Catriona Innes Review

A Breath of Fresh Air in a Tinder Obsessed World

This book is a perfect example of why I love to take part in blog tours. I have come to enjoy reading books outside of my ‘norm’ and discovering new authors that will become firm favourites in the future. I can honestly say that not only will this book be one for recommending to many others, but Catriona Innes will also be an author to keep my eyes open for in the future.

When I first read the blurb, I expected a nice easy ‘sunday morning’ style novel. One where I got the warm and fuzzies and could whip through the pages feeling satisfied by a happy ever after, but I think the blub is a little deceiving.

The Matchmaker has more depth than I expected. More emotion, more roundness of character and much more heart. Catriona Innes writes with such heart and emotion and truly makes you feel for the characters on the page. Her descriptions and small but perfectly places observations paint the world on the page and carve Catriona’s secrets right onto your heart.

Without giving away any spoilers, I truly feel Innes tackled the issues in this book with such sensitivity and truth. I felt all the emotions alongside Catilin and championed until the very last page. Although the ‘twist’ was fairly obvious early on, it did not stop the tear from prickling, or the ball from forming in my throat. There were no big surprises, no big ‘what?’ moments, but the charm of the book meant I did not once miss a shocking twist. Instead, I allowed myself to simply enjoy being on the journey with Caitlin.

Innes reminds us that in a world where we are so obsessed with social media apps, finding our ‘mate’ by swiping left and right, it’s reassuring to know that deep down in our souls, if we listen we can still hear that whisper, and feel that ‘kick’.

If you are a fan of David Nichol or Nicholas Sparks, The Matchmaker will see you adding Catriona Innes to your list of favourite authors. Heart, soul, love, and pain. The Matchmaker has it all.

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Published by: Trapeze
ISBN: 978-140918-837-7

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