Reviewed on 16th August 2018

Before Her Eyes by Jack Jordan

Genre: Fiction / Legal/Crime Thriller / Psychological Thriller / Thriller
Before Her Eyes by Jack Jordan Synopsis

She can’t see the killer
But the killer can see her…
Naomi Hannah has been blind since birth. Struggling with living in a small, claustrophobic town, Naomi contemplates ending her life. But then she stumbles across the body of a young woman who has been brutally murdered. She senses someone else there at the scene – watching her. Naomi may not be able to see the killer’s face, but she is still the only person who can identify him.
As the police begin hunting the person responsible and more victims are discovered, Naomi is forced to answer the question on which her fate hangs: why did the killer let her live?
In a town this small, the murderer must be close, perhaps even before her very eyes…

Before Her Eyes by Jack Jordan Review

Claustrophobic and Terrifying – The Very Best Kind of Psychological Thriller.

Twenty years ago, a gruesome murder rocked the sleepy town of Balkerne Heights, turning an idyllic town into a community that simply couldn’t recover. This small town setting creates an eerie backdrop for what quickly became one of the most disturbing and claustrophobic crime thrillers I have read in recent years.

Jack Jordan is not a new author to me. I have loved and devoured his previous novels, and only a few weeks ago I reviewed his novella A Woman Scorned. His books have always been true page turners for me but it’s easy to get complacent with an author, to know what to expect and simply pick up their books because you know you will enjoy them. What amazed me about his latest book is that it truly did surprise me. It is without a doubt his most menacing, creepy and claustrophobic book to date.

For those who have read and loved A Woman Scorned recently, prepare for an entirely different book. Although this is packed with just as much intrigue, the added police procedural and crime element of the book really does take the entire book up a level.

From the first sentence until the very last word, I caught myself holding my breath, not just hypothetically, but physically. At times I had to close the book to give myself a chance to process, but still unable to walk away.

Naomi Hannah is sick of her life. Splitting with her ex-husband Dane has left her close to the very edge of depression in every way possible – but just as she is thinking of leaving it all behind, she finds herself tangled in a new murder. But it seems the killer has struck gold.

Naomi is not your normal crime thriller protagonist, but she is the perfect ‘witness’. Blind since birth, Naomi unwittingly stumbles across a murder scene… but the killer hasn’t left the scene of the crime yet, and Naomi becomes the perfect chess piece for him to play with.

The killer is involving Naomi in his kills in the most gruesome way but her involvement at the heart of DI Marcus Cambells investigation leads many of the police force asking questions about her own motive.

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Jack Jordan’s latest book grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. Tension oozes from every page and I had to remind myself to breathe on more than one occasion.

The characters are so incredibly well drawn and the idea behind the book is terrifying, but the fact that the author can have you guessing and second-guessing yourself right the way until the end of the book is really quite an achievement.

With so many psychological and crime thrillers on the market, it can often be hard to find one that will challenge a reader. When you have read countless stories based on the same idea of a killer committing a crime and getting caught, it’s hard to see how someone can find a unique angle. Jack Jordan has done just that.

A superb read that will leave you breathless and exhausted but begging for more.

Before Her Eyes Published by: Corvus
ISBN: 978-178649-445-0

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