Reviewed on 20th August 2018

He Said She Said by Erin Kelly

Genre: Fiction / Legal/Crime Thriller / Psychological Thriller / Thriller
He Said She Said by Erin Kelly Synopsis

In the summer of 1999, Kit and Laura travel to a festival in Cornwall to see a total eclipse of the sun. Kit is an eclipse chaser; Laura has never seen one before. Young and in love, they are certain this will be the first of many they’ll share.

But in the hushed moments after the shadow passes, Laura interrupts a man and a woman. She knows that she saw something terrible. The man denies it. It is her word against his.

The victim seems grateful. Months later, she turns up on their doorstep like a lonely stray. But as her gratitude takes a twisted turn, Laura begins to wonder―did she trust the wrong person?

15 years later, Kit and Laura married are living under new names and completely off the digital grid: no Facebook, only rudimentary cell phones, not in any directories. But as the truth catches up to them, they realize they can no longer keep the past in the past.

He Said She Said by Erin Kelly Review

Pacey, Engaging and Fabulous Relatable Characters.

Tackling a subject such as rape can be tricky. For most people, watching or reading about a trial where a girl accuses a man of rape, and he denies it, can stir up a debate. With many cases of false accusations, do we ever really know who is telling the truth? Even when there is a ‘witness’, can we ever be sure the witness saw what they ‘think’ they saw? Can our own emotions cloud our judgment?

He Said She Said is a book that really does, for the most part of the book anyway, do exactly what it says on the tin. A story about a trial case of He Said She Said rape allegations. But there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a book that includes a touch of courtroom drama, and Erin Kelly does not disappoint, but don’t be fooled, the majority of the action takes place outside the courtroom.

Laura is an anxious, nervous wreck. Married and pregnant with twins, she is still in hiding and constantly looking over her shoulder following the events that unfolded that fateful day 15 years ago during a solar eclipse festival. Kit, being the loving husband, has spent 15 years trying to help Laura recover from the fall out of testifying on behalf of a victim (Beth) of rape. Her life was turned upside down during the moments that followed the shadows of that fateful day. Her character has been written so well, that this girl could be living next door to you. Her story and emotions so relatable. Would we not have acted the same way?

Kit has spent the last 15 years hiding himself and Laura away from the threat that followed them following that fateful day. But has he done enough? With his wife pregnant with twins at home, he ventures off to watch another eclipse, this time without Laura. But is he safe? Is she? Are they being followed?

He Said She Said is a rollercoaster of emotions, going backward and forwards in time to unveil all the truths, lies and omissions that lead Laura, Kit and of course Beth to where they are today. With a final twist that will have your heart racing, this is a book that will have you screaming at the pages and desperate to finish but left with a book-hangover the moment you turn the final page.

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Erin Kelly has sculpted a fabulous book that has you questioning yourself time and time again.

He Said She Said is Published by: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 978-125011-369-6

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