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A Mistletoe Miracle by Emma Jackson

Genre: Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy / Women's Fiction
A Mistletoe Miracle by Emma Jackson Synopsis

At the Everdene Hotel, snowflakes, romance and mayhem are in the air…
A cosy hotel in a sleepy, snow-covered village should be the perfect setting for a Christmas to remember… But for Beth, returning to her childhood home after a disastrous break-up looks more like a festive fiasco.

With her mum stranded in a blizzard and most of the hotel staff off sick, Beth is forced to take the reins, impress a mystery hotel reviewer, and somehow find a way to work with Nick, the very grumpy – and very gorgeous – pilot who is staying for the holidays.

Between mince pie emergencies, deadly decorations, and two dozen disgruntled guests, Beth might just find a miracle under the mistletoe this Christmas…

A Mistletoe Miracle by Emma Jackson Review

Heart, Hope, and Healing – Everything You need from a Warming Christmas Story

I have to admit that reviewing this book feels a little odd to me.  You see, this beautiful book, so closely resembled my own life in so many ways, that I feel as if I have just stepped back from reading my own diaries.

A Mistletoe Miracle chronicles a hectic Christmas period at Everdeen Hotel as twenty-six-year-old Beth navigates managing her mothers’ hotel during a blizzard over Chrismas. But the snow that is falling outside is not the only force of nature that will cause her stress over the festive period. Sparring rivalry between two gorgeous brothers will see Beth caught in a few situations that will test both her personal and professional resolve.

Much like Beth, my parents owned hotels when I was younger, so I grew up living, breathing and working in those hotels. Emma’s descriptions of the life and inner workings of a hotel at Christmas time took me straight back to my younger years. The interaction with difficult chefs, the cleverly created characters that grace the dining rooms, and the hectic nature of the industry was so pin-point perfect that I could see smell and taste the memories of my younger years.

The entire cast is so intricately drawn, the descriptions of the hotels give a unique sense of place and the relationships are so well created that I feel like I have been living with these people all my life. To create such a well-rounded world in such a short space of time is a true talent. Jackson offers just enough characters to give the story real depth and truth, but not too many that you forget the importance each has to play in her story.

Beth, the main character, is everything you want from a leading lady. Caring, compassionate, flawed and broken. Her past has torn apart her resolve and her confidence, but when her mother gets stranded in a blizzard, she has to reach deep down to find some part of her that believes she can keep going. As a reader, all you want to do is wrap her in your arms and feed her the confidence she needs and as we watch her race around the hotel rooms, trying to be everything to everyone. With Christmas Day fast approaching, can she pull off the perfect flurries of festivities without her mum there to guide her?

The beautiful thing about this book is that no… she can’t. At least not alone. This may be a romantic Christmas tale, but one of the themes that truly lept from the pages was that of community. In the most difficult of times, pulling together and helping each other is really the only way to get through a crisis.

Each guest in the hotel has a part to play, and I love the balance and juxtaposition of the competing personalities of each of them, but the friendship that develops between Beth and Noelle is one that truly struck a chord with me. As any hotel worker will know, there are just some guests who capture your heart… the warring brothers may well be competing for her attention romantically, but the love and friendship struck between Beth and her new friend from across the pond really does add a beautiful dimension to the book.

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The writing is delicate and tender. The sarcasm in Beth’s character paints humour onto the pages with such delicacy that laughter in the right places provides a lightness to some of the deeper, sad and angry moments. Interactions with the warring brothers will resonate with anyone who has ever had to deal with a sibling rivalry.

It has been a long time since I have found myself so charmed and full of love for a group of people. This book has wound its way into my heart and nestled in for the season. A truly beautiful Christmas book, full of heart, love, and honesty. I will miss my Christmas at Everdeen Hotel – somehow I feel I will look back and wish I could have shared a mince pie and mulled wine with them all as they huddled around the fireplace.

It would be remiss of me to end this review without mentioning the hot and steamy sections that could have easily melted the snow outside the hotel windows… for those looking for a book with real heart, beautiful characters and steamy kiss or two… this is absolutely one to note down for your Christmas wish list.

Published by: Dash Digital
ISBN: 978-140919-771-3

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  1. Emma Jackson ● November 27, 2019 at 1:25 pmReply

    Thank you so much for being part of my blog tour and taking the time to write one of your absolute beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful reviews for my book. I’m so overwhelmed & grateful. xxx

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