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The Manor on the Moors by Liz Taylorson

Genre: Fiction / Romance
The Manor on the Moors by Liz Taylorson Synopsis

Alice has landed her dream job, searching the Misterley Manor archives for tales of the elusive Gilbert Fox-Travers – life should be perfect, if only she could untangle her complicated love life…

Caroline is desperately trying to keep Misterley from falling down around her ears, and it’s a tough enough job without throwing a stroppy teenager, a difficult ex-husband and a cantankerous father into the mix.

When disaster strikes, Caroline and her family must pull together to save her beloved family home…Can Alice uncover the mystery of Gilbert Fox-Travers in time to save the Manor?

The Manor on the Moors by Liz Taylorson Review

A Beautiful Contemporary Romance that Promise Love, Intrigue and Mystery

The Manor on the Moors by Liz Taylorson is a beautiful contemporary romance novel. The main characters are set in the present day however, they undertake a journey to understand events and lives of characters from many years ago. The journey throughout the novel is full of twists and turns which will leave you guessing right to the very end. I’ll let in on a secret… my early predictions couldn’t have been further from the truth!

Although Taylorson’s writing flowed beautifully from the beginning, I found the first few chapters to be a little slow burning. Perhaps this was simply to do with there being quite a few main characters to introduce so it took a little longer than usual to identify with each of them. What I can say however is that I’m certainly glad I kept reading because in the end, I loved the book. It’s an amazing storyline full of mystery, intrigue and love.

The plot revolves around a mysterious man by the name of Gilbert Fox-Travers. Alice, who is a PHD student, has been fascinated by the mysterious disappearance of Mr Fox-Travers for many years. Some may say her fascination with him is almost abnormal. Alices boyfriend Sebastian certainly does not share her enthusiasm for the mystery nor does he seem to support her on her quest. It is not surprising that Alice undertakes her PHD research at Misterley Manor where she ultimately hopes to be the person who solves the mystery.

Misterley Manor has belonged to Caroline’s family for as long as she can remember. Her ailing father is no longer able to run the Manor so Caroline has been left to deal with everything. On the surface this is what we are lead to believe however, we come to realise that he still rules many of the decisions from behind the scene. In the beginning, Caroline appears out of her depth as she tries to stop the Manor from going to ruin whilst she is also trying to deal with a rebellious teenage daughter (Emily). The family no longer has the financial means to keep up with the maintenance required on such an old building and despite Carolines best efforts the place is practically falling down around them.

Caroline appears to be a very strong and independent woman, who has sacrificed so much for her family and Misterley Manor. Alice also comes across as a strong and confident woman but it’s their personal lives that sets these two characters apart. Alice feels indebted to her boyfriend Sebastian and although she knows the relationship isn’t right for her, she does not have the courage to end it. Caroline, however, seems to be much stronger as she sided with her father over the fate of Misterley Manor many years ago which ended up causing a rift so big in her marriage that it ended in divorce.

Caroline spends her days tending to the running of Misterley Manor and overseeing the research Alice is undertaking. Alice spends her days in the Manor reading letters presumed to have been sent between Gilbert Fox-Travers and other parties. She hopes by reading them, that she will finally be able to solve his mysterious disappearance. As small mishaps happen that hinder her progress on her PHD work, it seems that her boyfriend Sebastian isn’t the only person who is not happy about her spending time at the manor and studying Gilbert Fox-Travers. We being to realise that someone else may also be unhappy about her investigation and trying to stop her from solving the mystery. Who would want to stop her from solving the mystery?

When a huge disaster strikes at Misterley Manor, Caroline and Alice realise the only chance they have to save Misterley Manor is by teaming up and working together. Unfortunately for both of them, this means facing up to challenges that neither of them wants too.

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With the support of some other well-rounded characters who provide love and friendships, the group band together with one focus – Saving Misterley Manor. As they work through each new obstacle, friendships are made, love begins to flourish and many mysteries are resolved. Some of which, have the potential to change lives forever!

Published By: Manatee Books

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