Reviewed on 3rd May 2018

A Woman Scorned by Jack Jordan

Genre: Fiction / Short Story/Novellas / Suspense / Thriller
A Woman Scorned by Jack Jordan Synopsis

Are you afraid?
You should be.
The husband: in over his head with no way of knowing the truth.
The mistress: blinded by love, betrayed by her family…
The neighbour: will stop at nothing to protect the life he has fought to create.
The wife: a woman bent on revenge, but how far is she willing to go…?
Dark as night, this is a brilliantly plotted, gripping short story from the e-book sensation, Jack Jordan.

A Woman Scorned by Jack Jordan Review

Terrifying and Suspensful

If there is one lesson I have learned while reading this novella, it’s that sometimes less is certainly more!

Despite the fact that Jack Jordan’s latest release takes less time to read than traveling across London at rush hour, it has to be one of the most breath-taking reads I have experienced recently.

If you are looking for a book that will grip your attention, keep your heart racing from the first to the very last page and leave you utterly floored on the last page, you need look no further.

I was a little concerned when I heard that Jack Jordan’s first book in almost two years was a novella. I wanted more already. I wanted to get lost in his words for hours and to stay in his intricate world before my eyes were too heavy to endure another page. I was worried that a novella would leave me wanting more. Instead, the only feeling I was left with was utter breathlessness and admiration.

Amber is not only a character you will love to hate, she is the kind of character you truly hope does not exist in real life. She is utterly terrifying. This cold, calculating vindictive woman is about to have her revenge on her cheating husband, and in a way you will never see coming.

Amber lives a perfect life, in a beautiful and expensive home that looks nothing short of immaculate to all those who view it from the outside. She is the wife next door with a beautiful daughter and successful husband. But one morning, as her husband kisses her goodbye to leave for work, Amber is plotting her revenge.

The book plays out over one fateful day from four different perspectives. It is a spaghetti junction style tangle of twists and turns, expertly driving you through the story at a pace that raises the blood pressure with each and every page.

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I need say no more! For any woman who has ever wondered how she would handle the news of an affair or for any man who has ever considered straying… take heed… because as Jack so rightly says…

Hell hath no fury… like a woman scorned! 

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