Reviewed on 5th November 2019

The Wedding on Mistletoe Island by Sophie Pembroke

Genre: Fiction / Romance / Women's Fiction
The Wedding on Mistletoe Island by Sophie Pembroke Synopsis

Welcome to Mistletoe Island, where dreams can come true…
The snow is falling and Fliss’s friends have arrived to celebrate her wedding for a week at Holly Cottage. It’s the perfect way to kick off her brand-new life, isn’t it?

Except Ruth wishes she was anywhere other than a remote Scottish island, Caitlin is keeping a secret from her friends, Lara is suddenly facing her ex a decade after turning down his proposal and even the bride has something to hide…

But as the friends prepare for a week to remember, will Fliss’s dream wedding go off without a hitch, or will the secrets they’ve been hiding change everything?

The Wedding on Mistletoe Island by Sophie Pembroke Review

Much More than a Winter Warmer

I don’t often get the chance to read a seasonally themed book, so when this one crossed my path, I was quite looking forward to the change of pace. With autumn finally nipping at our heels, it feels good to snuggle down on the sofa with a blanket, a hot chocolate and the drama-filled lives of fictional characters.

To that end, this lovely book was perfectly placed and a dream tonic during a week of personal drama. Because let’s face it… it’s always easier to revel in the pains of fictional families.

Pembroke has created a beautiful book full of complex characters and stunning scenery. The remote Scottish Island of Mistletoe is absolutely the perfect setting for Fliss and her band of friends to have one last ‘hooray’ before she gets married the day before Christmas Eve.

Only, weddings are known for attracting drama… and with two overbearing mothers with their own ideas of the ‘perfect centrepiece’, a group of friends hiding secrets and an island with ‘mystical magical feels’ – this book is perfectly placed to help you escape this winter.

Pembroke writes with effortless ease and creates characters you connect with and champion. The pace of the book meant it was easily devoured in a day and left a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

Much more than just a story about coming together, it’s a story that examines how we change. With challenges and difficulties thrown at each of the friends over the last ten years, it is easy to slip into old habits, but with their futures at stake, will they reveal how the past has changed them all to be able to move forward?

Sophie Pembroke has written the perfect tonic to a crazy mad world outside. So, curl up, escape to the snowy banks of Mistletoe Island and enjoy the drama that surrounds the wedding of the year. It may not be the most complex book on the shelves, you may very well guess a few of the twists, but it is a book that will leave you with all the fabulous feels this Christmas season.

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Published by: Orion
ISBN: 978-140918-979-4

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