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Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer, Dee Garnes and Dianna Hicks-Garnes

Genre: Mind, Body and Spirit / Non-Fiction
Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer, Dee Garnes and Dianna Hicks-Garnes Synopsis

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and co-author Dee Garnes had often talked about how the ones who know the most about God are those who have just recently been wrapped in the arms of the Divine, our infants and toddlers. In fact, Dee had an interaction with her own young son that convinced her of this. Curious about this phenomenon, Wayne and Dee decided to issue an invitation to parents all over the world to share their experiences. The overwhelming response they received prompted them to put together this book, which includes the most interesting and illuminating of these stories in which very young children speak about their remembrances before they were born.

Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer, Dee Garnes and Dianna Hicks-Garnes Review

Two Words: Mind Blowing

Here is a book that will truly blow you away. The late and great Dr. Wayne Dyer, whose wise and spiritual words I only encountered for the first time this summer during a stay in Portugal, and Dee Garnes (his former assistant and a healing-arts expert) have put together the most stunning collection of children’s memories from – as the title suggests – their time in heaven. Thank you Hay House for sending us another sparkling read at The Glass House Girls’ Book Club. And here is my review, which I hope will intrigue others as much as this book has intrigued me.

But how did this book come to be?
Both Wayne and Dee had always held a deep fascination with the pure and seemingly incredulous, yet full of ancient wisdom style tidbits that very young children offer up in conversation. And so they put a question out to the wider world: Do your children share these insights with you too? Before long they were inundated with thousands of stories from all over the planet. And so, little by little, somewhat stunned by the overwhelming response, they put together a compilation of these short stories covering everything from memories of heaven, past lives and the process of selecting parents through to angel stories, invisible friends and mind-bending family reincarnations and ‘role reversals.’

Normally it’s easy to be skeptical if you are not spiritually inclined.
But the simplicity and ‘non-agenda’ of these words, straight from the mouths of babes, will definitely make you pause for thought. Many are the examples in this anthology of young children citing things they could not possibly have known, that you will be rendered speechless, eager to read on. Here are a few excerpts:

“When my son was very young, he told me about the ‘getting-born game’. He said that he and a few of his friends were in a big church up in the clouds before they were born. They were crawling in a circle around a hole in the floor, and the floor was made of clouds. There was beautiful music playing. Every now and then the music would stop, and one of the friends would go down the hole and get born. I didn’t take him to church when he was little, so this story was especially surprising to me.” – Joann Richmond Hinksmon

“I met a physician a little while ago (I’ll call her ‘Mary’) who told me a very interesting story. Mary’s firstborn child died before she was one. Mary used to sing a lullaby that was especially for her baby, and when she died suddenly, Mary never sang that song again. After seven years, Mary had another little girl who began to sing the lullaby at the age of four. Mary froze and asked her daughter how she knew the song. The child’s response was, ‘Mommy, you used to sing it to me.’ Mary became a true believer after that, and understood that you pick your mother and father before you are born.” – Anna Kiely

Angel Child

“When my niece was about three or four, my sister had moved into a new house. One day while speaking to their new neighbors, my niece mentioned that she had an imaginary friend named Lou who hung out with her all the time. The elderly couple was left speechless by that comment because their son, Lou, had lived in the house until his death two years before. I know in my heart that this was not a coincidence, but Spirit alive and present in our lives every day. May we all be as open as a child!” – Izzy Lenihan

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Listen to your little ones.
And the trick is to listen before it’s too late. How I wish I could turn back time and replay some of the conversations my now 8 year old and 4 year old would have had with me; dialogue which offered up such gems of wisdom. I have to confess, I did (in as non-alarming a way as possible… for neither did I want to ‘freak them out’) ask them if they could remember picking me and their daddy as their parents, if they could remember being in my tummy, and what Sarah and Alex – their ‘imaginary’ big brother and sister from last year – looked like. But alas, both looked at me as if I had slightly lost the plot. And there my gentle interrogation ended. But what a shame indeed. Because if I really silence my mind, it’s as if I can almost pick up the golden threads of enchanted, one way conversation from them.

Like a dream, the soft edges of words and images once uttered by my children about the heavenly realm from whence they sprang spring briefly to my own mind… and then like a puff of smoke they are gone again. So if you have very small children, don’t let the gifts of their seemingly nonsensical words be wasted on you!

And so this book is an absolute eye-opener.
For once again we are shown exactly how much our children have to teach US. Indeed, it seems the older we grow, in many cases, the unwiser we actually grow. Whereas our young children, they are still connected to their source; less shaped by the outer world and its fear, competition, rules, media, and ‘well-meaning’ adults. Whilst I may have missed the boat when it comes to absorbing the infinite wisdom of heaven from my own children, I look forward to really listening to their children some day; to my grandchildren. And whilst I use gentle parenting methods with my daughter and son, I feel all the more inclined to keep following that path having read this book.

For all the tantrum-fueled afternoons when I may prefer to shut myself in the bathroom with a G&T to escape the feuding of my big little girl and her younger brother, it will be impossible not to remember this book and that there is another way to live together here on Earth. In peace and harmony and without the looming fear of our immortality lurking around every corner. And with the current shape of humanity’s collective mind which runs riot in the aftermath of the world’s recent violent events, perhaps this book has never been more needed.
Fancy that: it’s not the world leaders, the military, nor the aged spiritual masters who have the key, but our small children who are in fact our greatest teachers when it comes to resolving the madness of Earth. For they gently nudge us to remember where we came from, and who we really are. We just need to open ourselves up to that possibility for the universe to confirm it once again. After all, we were all young, wise infants ourselves too. Once upon a blissful, heavenly time.

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IBSN: 978-140194-852-8

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