Reviewed on 18th February 2016

The Oracle of E by Pam Grout and Colette Baron-Reid

Genre: Mind, Body and Spirit / Non-Fiction
The Oracle of E by Pam Grout and Colette Baron-Reid Synopsis

What if Spirit, God, Quantum Fred, the Dude, or whatever name you choose to call the big Intelligence that breathes life throughout the cosmos, could talk to you? Wouldn’t you just love knowing that this almighty energy force could give you some quick advice every time you need it?

The Oracle of E by Pam Grout and Colette Baron-Reid Review

A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook to Manifest Your Dreams.

When Hay House generously sent me The Oracle of E, a shiny purple box of enchantment and promise, I’m going to admit I was a little sceptical at first. Not because I don’t believe in the power of The Cards and my intuition to select the message I most need to hear at any certain time in my life. And certainly not because I hadn’t heard of the works of either author…

I am a HUGE Pam Grout fan, and these magical cards, conceived by Pam and Intuitive Guru and Psychic Medium, Colette Baron-Reid, (whose thoughts I am now equally curious to lap up ) were sure to deliver based on the quality and revelation of Pam’s last two books with Hay House alone!

No, I was sceptical because I wasn’t sure this box of infinite wisdom could truly take the place of my beloved Glastonbury Tarot Cards, illustrated and created by my dear friend, the super talented author, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma. And then there were my Angel Cards courtesy of Doreen Virtue. How could this new deck possibly measure up?


Well, I am pleased to say I was wrong to judge. For these enchanting Oracle Cards really do stand alone. They are as unique as can be. As individual as a finger print. There’s no competition here. What this seriously uplifting and exciting deck of cards offers is a super speedy portal into divine wisdom; a no less accurately awesome glimpse into the clarity that is my inner self – or the F.P (Field of Potentiality) as Pam often refers to it.

The Guidebook may be slight…
But there are times when less is more. And often, when we’re in need of guidance, well, we just can’t be doing with the faff of mammoth readings spread out across the floor, hoping we have ‘got’ the seed of what is being revealed to us; spending hours referring back to the guidebook to see if we have deciphered everything correctly. Sometimes we can and of course, during such (and for me they are always ‘kiddie free’) opportunities, it is wonderful to take our time over these things. But other times, we simply don’t have the luxury. Pam and Colette’s instant, no-fluff answers are the perfect solution. They are also always written in super positive language, lovingly embracing the whackiest of words.

Like this card; Woot-Woot!

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It’s party time. Hang the streamers. Invite your friends. Put on your dancing shoes. There has never been a better time to fist-bump everyone you know. Joy to the world. Smile ’til your face hurts.

Which gives you a flavour of what else is to come…

Essentially you have the choice between three styles of readings.
To know where you are NOW and the direction you need to take, select one card, or two. To give yourself a bigger picture with regards to your question, simply choose three cards.

As with any card divination method, shuffling until you ‘feel’ compelled to stop (I usually do this with my eyes closed, gently focusing on the question) really helps.

From theory to practice…
I also found it really helpful that Pam and Colette had set out real life examples of people’s questions, card selections and interpretations.

So what happened when I asked MY questions?
Well, first off, I am always full of questions, so narrowing it down to just a couple was the first challenge. However, soon I had decided the following would be a good start:

(The Universe knows the background story to my first question, by the way, but just to keep everyone else up to speed, please allow me to quickly fill you in…)

One of the other ‘hats’ I wear is that of a Stillbirth Awareness Campaigner, with a focus on the love and healing side of things. Recently – after having a very special book that I was passionate about getting into the UK rejected by no less than 127 publishers – I managed to find not only a publisher, but now we also have a publication date for the Anglicized version of the book, ‘Three Minus One’. This is an anthology of stories of parents’ love and loss, poetry and artwork which accompanies the Hollywood stillbirth movie, ‘Return to Zero’, starring Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein.

The journey to get this far can only be described as epic.

Naturally, my first question had to be: Will the ‘Three Minus One book be a success now it is available in the UK? For simplicity I opted for a one card reading.

Oracle of E’s Verdict?
Superhero: “Right now, you’ve got superhuman strength. The truth is, you always do, but most of the time you don’t need it. Why bother? Everything’s rocking along just fine. You are about to learn just how cool, how strong – how amazing – you really are.


Well of all the cards I could have picked… Yep. That one blew me away and brought more than a tear to my eye for sure.

A couple of days later, I thought of my next question… (again, a background debrief – a shorter one this time):

I have been invited to a celebrity book launch. But despite the fact I work in the media, I get notoriously starstruck! Not from the oh-my-goodness-thou-art-so-much-more-amazing-than-me stance, you understand. For I love being Miss Pollyanna, I do. Rather from the feeling of being in a museum… and realising that this person truly does exist in 3-D form – they’re not just a figment of my imagination through the words in a book, the pictures in a glossy magazine, or the images flickering on a cinema screen.

Sad, but true. I get slightly overwhelmed and then, well, I end up waffling. Champagne is a MUST. And yes, if you are word counting, that definitely wasn’t much shorter!

So, this question, for which I decided to opt for the three card reading, was a no-brainer: Will next week’s launch party in London be a success and will I be able to compose myself without shaking like a leaf?

Oracle of E’s Verdict?
1st Card – At Your Service:
“I hope it’s comforting to know there is a big universal butler who is working behind the scenes, taking care of all the details, making sure every little thing is turning out exactly as planned. This butler is as loyal as Fido, as determined as Diana ‘Never, ever give up’ Nyad, as trustworthy as your own beating heart. So can you let HIM carry the tray?”

Freaky. Not just from the point of view that this will be a posh (at the very least Cava) and Canapes ‘do’ with perhaps a ‘butler’ or to in circulation. But this is also without a shadow of a doubt my Higher Self telling me to chill the hell out. I have the support of a Greater Power all around me. Why aren’t I surrendering and remembering that… trusting all will unfold just fine?

2nd Card – Time-Out: “See that corner over there? It’s yours and yours alone. And it’s time to claim that special space. It doesn’t matter what’s going on out there. It doesn’t matter what others are saying. Everything except your own blessed joy is now history. Stake your claim, then take a break – it is all smooth sailing now.”

Well… visually this put me in mind of being at the party already! And to me it says ‘Even if you are in the corner at the party, forget what’s going on centre stage, for you have as much right to be there as any other. Enjoy yourself!’ Okay then. I will…

3rd Card – Everything is Beautiful: “Get ready to be dumbfounded – in the best possible way. You will be speechless at how beautiful your life really is. Things that once seemed common, that you often took for granted, are about to show off their true colours. Real beauty is about to come into focus. You can thank the Universe later.”


I’d say that bodes well for a successful time and some successful outcomes. One thing is for sure: I’m jumping up and down with excitement to see how the Universe delivers on this one!

In need of some guidance too?
Well, what are you waiting for? If, like me, you feel inspired to go ‘The Oracle of E‘ route too, promise you’ll let me know how you get on!

The Oracle of E Cards are published by Hay House UK. 
ISBN: 978-140194-7-859

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