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What If This Is Heaven? by Anita Moorjani

Genre: Mind, Body and Spirit / Non-Fiction
What If This Is Heaven? by Anita Moorjani Synopsis

If life is about the journey and not the destination, could it be that this is heaven – this physical life we are living here on Earth? What we experience in our daily lives often feels like anything but heaven. But what if we understood how powerful we are – that we are powerful enough to mould both our internal and our external reality?
Anita Moorjani is convinced we can do exactly that. The process, she explains, requires dismantling the many cultural myths mistaken for indisputable truths.

What If This Is Heaven? by Anita Moorjani Review

An Eye-Opener of a Read with the Potential to Change Lives…

As I sit here on my balcony on a sunny Sunday November afternoon, it certainly feels like this IS heaven. The sapphire waves sparkle as a million diamonds dance across my little piece of the Mediterranean; the luscious green palms sway gently and I could swear they are waving at me, and the beach is a serene biscuity expanse whose only interruption is the occasional dog and its walker.

But I digress.

I am sitting here to write a book review for spiritual author, Anita Moorjani’s second uplifting offering to the world: “What If This Is Heaven?”. Hay House UK very kindly sent me a copy last month and I’m really excited to share my thoughts on this extraordinary writer’s words.

Anita literally came back from “death” in 2006 further to a “terminal” dis-ease – a word I intentionally write in its hyphenated form. Without going into too much detail, for her experience in the non-physical realm is beautifully charted in her first book, “Dying To Be Me”, Anita was exposed to love in such a powerful way, that upon her spirit re-entering her physical body, the insights she learned, and the unconditional love she felt for herself, changed her mind so completely that her body followed suit and her dis-ease vanished within a matter of weeks.

Anita now devotes much of her life to sharing these very insights with others, and in this, her second book, she dispels many of the cultural and societal myths humanity has subconsciously adopted, making for some truly inspirational revelations…

I read A LOT of books on Self-Help and positivity, I am an avid Law of Attraction practitioner; I particularly adore The Teachings of Joshua and Abraham Hicks, whose messages are where the leading edge of deliberate creators is at. But no matter, Anita is not just another voice in a book market stocked floor to ceiling with paste-a-smile-on-your-face patter. Anita is the Real Deal and her unique account of her unique journey taught me so much. That’s the beauty of her message: it’s a message for all of humanity.

“…one of the most striking insights my NDE gave me was that this life – the life we are all living now on earth – could become a heaven for us if we simply understood how it worked and what we needed to do to create that heaven as our reality. A major reason why I chose to return to this life during my NDE was because I understood that heaven is a state and not a place, and I wanted to experience, firsthand, the heaven that this life could actually be. I wanted to live out the amazing truth of this reality and transform the life of fear and dread and heartache that I had previously experienced. I wanted to live in heaven here… and now.”

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My favourite chapter without a doubt is that titled: Myth: It’s Just a Coincidence.
I love the way Anita describes “The Grand Tapestry” that we are all intrinsically part of. I don’t think I have ever heard our phenomenal and integral presence in the Universe described so poetically:

“… imagine if you were to follow one strand of thread as it travels through the tapestry, looping in and out of the weave, over and under, touching some threads here, going over others there, slipping under still others later on. This one strand doesn’t touch all the threads directly, but some of the threads that it does touch also touch other threads throughout the woof and warp of the entire fabric. As a whole, all the strands connect to make one beautifully cohesive and cosmic work of art that tells an exquisite and balanced story. No individual thread can be extracted without changing everything. Each thread is indispensable to the overall image and is a vital element of the story. That one thread I asked you to follow is a metaphor for you… and your life.”

And actually, it illustrates perfectly the very amazing way that I first came across Anita’s name:

Last summer I was on holiday in Portugal. Now, there are relatively few people on the planet who are as geeky about Law of Attraction (and all things spiritually inclined) as me. But what do you know? The villa’s owner only had a great library of a hallway full (and I do mean full) of books on LOA! Not just any old books either, but one very particular title (an Abraham Hicks book on manifestation with a distinctly purple cover) which I “just happened” to have popped into my online Amazon shopping basket a couple of days before.

And it was also on this trip (whilst gorging on all of these juicy books around the pool) that I discovered the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer for the first time (the very man who helped Anita’s original story get published). His writing was magic and it left such an impression on me that I couldn’t wait to get home and order some of his books online too. And then two days into my holiday, sadly, Wayne died. I, like many others, felt I had lost a friend. Yes, despite the relatively short “introduction” to his wisdom.

Fast forward a few months and the lady who owned the villa “just happened” to be leading a holiday tour near the Spanish town I live in. Now considering we are some 4 hours drive away from the small town she lived in… and I myself live in a small town in another country, what are the chances? We met for coffee and cake, chatted LOA for hours and swapped awesome stories of manifestations and “coincidences” (I think by now you know I simply do not believe anything is fate or chance and will quit putting these incidents in speech marks!)

To get to the point of my story… and how intertwined we all are… this lady began to talk about an author and a book I had never heard of before:

“Oh, since we’re on the subject of all things spiritual, I just have to recommend the most amazing book… Dying To Be Me by Anita Mooorjani…”

Well, that name stuck in my head, and one year later, here we are. Hay House sent me their list of new releases and I just had to get my hands on Anita’s second book. Yes, for sure, sooner or later I would have come across Anita, since she works in a field I am very interested in. But perhaps not so soon so that I could review and recommend her to all of YOU!

Anyway, getting back to the book…
Myth: I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, was another fabulous chapter… and in many ways hilarious. Anita recounts a story (even after her NDE – Near Death Experience) of having one of those human moments. During one particular blip, a friend in Hong Kong manages to momentarily convince her that she simply cannot live without a mammoth daily intake of Chinese herbal medicine. And so we discover through her honest, no-airs-and-graces story-telling how Anita began making a lengthy and tiring trek to the other side of the city… which soon threatened to morph into an every few days grind. It’s the perfect way to highlight how we often put the power of others outside of us onto a pedestal. Which isn’t to discount their knowledge, or the beneficence of herbal meds, rather to remind us that it is we (and in Anita’s case, herself) who have the ultimate power to heal ourselves – or not. It is all within.

I think that’s what’s so refreshing about Anita Moorjani. Yes, she has been on a euphoric, almost indescribable journey to the spiritual realm, but she still has one foot physically planted on Earth where she is focused on being human. For the most part of most days she remembers and knows her true capacity. But she is still human. From time to time she gets caught up in fear, doubt and all the rest of the negatives that make up our vast spectrum of emotions. And that’s OK, embracing and accepting our feelings is the quickest route to moving through them.

And then she bounces back… and her message is all the magically clearer and stronger for it.

The chapter Myth: Loving Yourself is Selfish, was another hugely satisfying read for me.
Anita explains in great detail how her years of feeling unworthy contributed to her illness, and she pulls the plug on the bogus belief that it is wrong to put ourselves first, before others. We live in a society where this belief really is rife, where we are taught to be martyrs who abandon their hopes and dreams because it is seen as Diva-like to spurn others in their hour of need and so on and so forth. But as the author explains, if we don’t tend to our own needs, wants and desires first, we have absolutely nothing to offer anybody else anyway – or the Universe at large. By not being ourselves completely, by not honouring our uniqueness, we literally stop the Universe from expanding. That is how special we are. And that is Anita’s message all throughout this book: we are not just another cog in a machine. We are divine.

These were the parts that really shone brightly for me, but for others (since we are all so unique!) Anita’s myth busting on the medical industry, women being the “weaker” sex, paying for our sins at death, and the ego being something to be conquered, will all be areas of enlightenment and interest for sure.

Anita Moorjani truly is a spiritual great, somebody who can not only teach us all so much, but somebody who does so with the greatest empathy. And for me personally, as mum to a baby girl who was born sleeping, hearing this account of the non-physical realm is like being enveloped in a warm and loving embrace; knowing that all truly is well, that all of my family really are always with me, that death is simply an illusion, our energy eternal.

Thank you, Anita.

“What If This Is Heaven?” is published by Hay House
ISBN: 978-140194-3-318

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