Reviewed on 20th April 2016

From No Self-Esteem To Total Self-Empowerment by A.Svard

Genre: Motivation and Self Help / Non-Fiction
From No Self-Esteem To Total Self-Empowerment by A.Svard Synopsis

No matter where you are in life and what has happened to you, you can feel good and improve your life beyond anything you have ever imagined.

From No Self-Esteem To Total Self-Empowerment by A.Svard Review

How to Feel Good and Improve Your Life

I’d been a regular follower of Ann-Christin Svard’s blog – a fabulous hub of positivity and uplifting messages – when I discovered she was writing her first book. Self-published with Balboa Press, a division of the MBS global leader, Hay House, From No Self-Esteem To Total Self-Empowerment sounded really promising.

Well it definitely didn’t disappoint!

A question and answer style Law of Attraction guide.
The author breaks chapters down by subject (Self -Esteem, Food, Health, Love, Money, Work, Academia, Death, and Games to Shift Your Focus). Then further again by posing exactly the kind of questions readers will have concerns about within each category. I particularly love her insights into energy and the effect of our thoughts and beliefs on food… which would seem unconventional to most, but are such an eye-opener into what is really going on in a quantum physics sense when it comes to the conversion of a donut to excess kilos around the midriff… or (if we decide to free up our thinking and bless the carbs and sugar) indeed not!

sad woman writing diary

Rising from the ashes of victim mentality.
There is no doubt that the author has been through A LOT. What most would describe as ‘hell and back’ in her younger years – the passing of both her parents, a chronic illness and sexual abuse. Yet, by choosing to empower herself and re-write her personal story; by learning about the mechanism of her thoughts and their precise impact on her Universe; by immersing herself in the Law of Attraction, she has succeeded in completely turning her life around. So much so that her words will resonate and inspire others (no matter what their situation) in a truly unique way so that they too can absolutely do the same.

For longtime enlightened beings, it would be easy to dismiss this book…
As too simplistic or basic in nature. But for me – somebody who is not so new to the principles of LOA and the power of positivity – it’s a welcome reminder courtesy of a very personal story that we do, indeed, script our lives. We are in the driving seat and we get to choose what happens. It’s another voice with the same message, yes. But it’s a distinctive and powerful voice reminding me of the things I know, the principles I need to re-fresh my memory with, as well as a soothing tonic when I have gotten way off track. Something which happens to the most practiced of us!


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And for beginners on the path of positive thinking…
It is perfect. Ann-Christin gently guides readers by offering up answers to the questions she knows they are most likely to ask on every subject they may be wishing to ‘clean up.’

Slight in pages though it may be, this beacon of a book shines a healing light on humanity’s ‘What Ifs‘ and really truly helps to highlight the correlation between our vibration (the kind of energy we are giving off) and the way our life is currently playing out, bringing hope to the most dire of situations.

It’s impossible to come away from this book feeling anything short of admiration for what this wonderful woman has achieved despite the reality she faced. And there is tremendous power in that. If she can turn her world into the kind that makes her jump out of bed and shout Carpe Diem every morning, then we can totally achieve that too.


It takes practice. It takes will. It takes determination to want to improve your thinking so that the movie that is your life can follow suit in the physical sense. And that’s where the final chapter ‘Games to Shift Your Focus’ comes into its own.

In a literary world choc full of Self-Help in every title from A-Z, this little gem of a guide does exactly what it says on the tin.

From No Self-Esteem To Total Self-Empowerment!is published by Balboa Press
ISBN: 978-1-50433-105-0

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