Reviewed on 10th January 2017

Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout

Genre: Motivation and Self Help / Non-Fiction
Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout Synopsis

Important disclaimer: This book is not for everyone—just those who want to have more fun, more adventures, and more magic in their life.
Thank & Grow Rich is for anyone interested in hooking up with the magnanimous energy field of the cosmos. Author Pam Grout, who likes to call herself the Warren Buffet of Happiness, says it all starts with getting on the frequency of joy and gratitude.

Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout Review

In 2017…

Pam Grout is the fun-loving spiritual equivalent of Nigella Lawson. Her words are delectable. Not only does Pam’s take on life make me want to jump up and down on the sofa, grab my coat and cha cha cha my way into town, inviting all and sundry to join me like a modern day Pied Piper, but her words are also the soundest advice any of us could wish for.

Small wonder then that I did use the sofa as a trampoline and do happy dances around the living-room upon discovering I was being sent her latest book to review…

Thank & Grow Rich: what a title, what a premise.

Having basked in E-Squared and E-Cubed, Pam’s previous works of art with publisher Hay House, I could not wait to get started.

What followed was a month long experiment in appreciation for everything. In other words, one delicious ride in perceiving abundance with fresh eyes. As Pam never quits pointing out to us via an experiment a day, gratitude (or appreciation as I prefer to call it) is the key to opening every seemingly locked door. And, quite apart from anything else, appreciation for the things we DO have, experience and live, is the blueprint for a happy life.

“The world right now is crying out for a team of ‘radio towers’ who are beaming in the cosmic energy of infinite possibility. It needs a force of human frequencies who believe in the invisible power of light and love.”

I was only too happy to assist.

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Pam (PR Agent for the universe), also explains how four gifts will be bestowed upon us, courtesy of her new book:

1: A Personal Symbol, a Totem, a Sign That the Universe Has Your Back
2: A Magical Blessing from the Natural World
3: A Message from the “Other Side”
4: A Clear Sign That Something You’ve Long Clung to as Absolute Fact Is Not True at All

“When you give up your linear worldview, your playground expands. Things that yesterday seemed irrefutable and impenetrable suddenly open up. You realize that things do not always have to make sense or be explainable through conventional understanding.”

That was certainly the case whilst reading Thank & Grow Rich during two absolute standout moments:

1: We joyfully (and I do mean joyfully) put up the Christmas tree, added the star to the top – it’s a beautiful shimmering iridescent star which we name after our baby daughter who died some eight years ago – and then just moments later when I went upstairs to draw the curtains, the ceiling fan (also star-shaped) was whizzing around with an agenda of its own.

Nothing out of the ordinary to some, maybe… except I had just finished reading a story in Pam’s book about a woman whose loved one had started connecting with her via electronic devices – apparently an increasingly popular way for the departed to let us know that they are, in fact, always close by. And the old and battered remote control for our ceiling fan (which always needs several well-angled taps on the bedside table to even work) was tucked away in a drawer. Even if I was half-tempted to think this might all be one big “coincidence”, it was impossible to ignore the unrelenting speed of the fan when I switched it off at the wall (NB. it will only switch off at the wall… we cannot switch it on there). That night there was simply no mistaking the fact that our ceiling fan was powered with something other than electricity. It took an age for it to slow down its other-worldly spinning.

2: During an absolute high-vibing exercise workout on my trampoline (I am super blessed in that my view from my bedroom window is a vast expanse of the Mediterranean sea!), aided by ABBA’s greatest hits, I decided to put the “Blessing From the Natural World” idea to the test. In the most recent chapter of Pam’s book, I had been reading about the way in which birds are the universe’s messengers; how they will show up to prove to us how utterly loved and worthy we are. I was enjoying a magnificent dive-bombing display from a number of seabirds who were reveling in showing me their fish catching skills from great heights and creating enormous splashes.

Or were they just doing there thing… regardless of the fact that I, in my jubilant mood was rebounding and watching them in awe? Only one way to find out:

“Okay then birdies, knock me out: put on a real show!”

*Disclaimer: nobody can see or hear me when I am working out… I often speak to myself (and now the birds)*

And then I forgot all about it and Waterloo came on and made me jump even higher… until a haze of midges swirled mid-air outside right in my line of vision – annoying buggers…

But then something breathtaking happened. One at a time, a small bird from a suddenly amassed posse of birdie friend spectators, swooped and soared with more majesty than anything you’d find at the circus, attempting to eat the tiny flies!

It truly was one of the most incredible natural spectacles I have ever seen. Right up there with dolphins leaping playfully out of the water, or safaris, or turtle races.

I was covered in goose bumps at the power of this show I had manifested so quickly. So much so, that what followed on immediately from that was a young girl cartwheeling perfectly along the entire shoreline of the (before that moment) empty beach.

How is that for getting on the joy factor!

Any and every time I doubt my ability to tune into the DB (Divine Buzz, as Pam calls it), I call this surreal moment up and am reminded instantly that there is no doubt something far more magical than we can imagine has our backs while we dwell here on planet Earth. If only we will stop pinching ourselves off with negativity and let it in!


So yes, you might say I ADORE this book.
I really do. Not just because of these mind-blowing examples of synchronicity experienced by me, but because of the uplifting stories Thanks & Grow Rich is teeming with; stories from people of all walks of life who suddenly realised their power to spread joy once they tapped into it.

“Grabbing the shopping bags of the 82-year old widow may never go viral on Facebook, but on some level, it’s going out, making waves in the invisible energy field that forms the blueprint for the material world.”

Take the successful entrepreneur and author who “saved” the U.S stock market one March 9th by handing out Hershey chocolates and quite literally changing the energetic frequency of Wall Street.

Or the founder of Twitter, whose commitment to having fun and visualising more than made up for the lack of college degree.

“We start out knowing magic. We have shooting stars, cosmic universes, whirlwinds inside of us. But then it gets educated away; it gets sent to sit in the corner with the gerbil cage.”

Or Mary Katherine, the nun who bopped so fiercely to Kool & the Gang at the award banquet, that she won the star prize of a trip to Ireland.

Play along with Pam’s Party Games (they really are!) in Thank & Grow Rich today… and who knows what YOU will manifest in your tomorrow!

Thank & Grow Rich is published by Hay House.
ISBN: 978-140194-984-6

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