13th November 2018

Submission Terms and Conditions

T's and C's for The Glass House Content

T’s and C’s for The Glass House Content

  1. Summary: This Agreement is between The Glass House Online Magazine (“TGH”) and author as independent contractor (“You,” “Contractor” or “contributor”).
  2. This Work must be original, must not have been published anywhere else (either online or in any print publication unless being submitted as Syndicated Content), and must have been written by You.
  3. Intellectual Property a) TGH is asking you to write for our website. You and TGH acknowledge that we are commissioning from you a contribution to our website. Copyright law classifies our website as a “collective work.” We agree that the work we are commissioning or ordering from you is a “work made for hire,” which means that we will be considered the copyright owner in the work from the very beginning.
    b) As the copyright owner, TGH will have the right to publish your Work, as edited by TGH, on theglasshouse.xyz and any of its affiliates, and has the right to reuse the Work, in whole or in part, in any and all media (we would attribute to You if the Work is republished or reused).
    c) You have the right to republish your Work elsewhere 6 months (180 days) after your Work first appears on theglasshouse.xyx. If after 180 days you republish the work, you agree to include the following sentence: “© (year of publication on theglasshouse.xyz) (your name), as first published on The Glass House Online Magazine.” If you plan on using your Work any way other than just republishing it in its original form and without any changes, or if you plan on using this Work as a basis for another creative work, written or otherwise, you must get TGH’s approval prior to doing so.
  4. During the Term, TGH may tell you (or you may just find out) information about the performance of its business. That information is confidential and owned by us. This information includes, but is not limited to, plans for your work and other TGH-related works, all unpublished content, plans for what TGH plans to do in the future, inventions, technical capabilities, and data TGH gathers and tracks. Unless we give you prior written consent, you may not disclose any of this information to any party or entity.
  5. Representations and Warranties
    You represent and warrant that: all written work product created by you is or will be your original work and has not been previously published anywhere in any form; you have the right to grant the rights you are granting; there has been no prior sale, publication or transfer of rights to any part of any of your work; your work contains no libellous, obscene or illegal material, to the best of your knowledge; and publication of your work will not infringe upon any third party’s copyright or other rights, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy and publicity.
    B. If your work is not original though you’ve represented otherwise, or if you write something that’s considered libellous, obscene or otherwise illegal, you agree to indemnify and hold TGH harmless for all liability, damages and attorney fees that we sustain in any resulting legal action.
  6. Independent Contractor. You’re an independent contractor. Both you and TGH acknowledge that your services under this Agreement will be performed by you as an independent contractor, not as an employee, agent or partner of TGH. You’ll also have to pay your own taxes. You are responsible for payment of all federal, state and local personal income taxes and any other taxes arising out of payments made under this Agreement.
  7. This is the entire agreement of the parties. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements between you and TGH with respect to the subject matter, and may not be altered except in a document signed by the party to be bound. You can’t assign any of your rights or obligations contained in this Agreement without TGH’s prior written consent. The parties agree that any claim or dispute relating to this agreement, or any other matters, disputes, or claims between us, shall be subject to non-binding mediation if agreed to by you and us within 30 days of you or us making a request to the other by letter. The parties agree to share equally in the costs of the mediation and agree to conduct such mediation.


So that’s it. All good? If so, let’s do this thing. Make sure you have read our Submissions Guidelines and send us your article via the Submissions Page.


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