By Miss Pollyanna, 9th January 2016

Mind over Platter

Why we Really ARE what we Think we Eat!

Why we Really ARE what we Think we Eat!

How is it that some people can eat like a horse, whilst others just look at a donut and it instantly welds itself to their hips? Quick or slow metabolism? Over or under active thyroid? Or could it be that their THOUGHTS are what’s keeping them obese/fat/tubby/podgy/a little more curvaceous than they’d like to be? At the risk of sounding like a complete and utter fruit cake I am going to let you in on a little secret: Yes, those runaway train thoughts become things!


You don’t have to believe me, of course. In our world that’s so bogged down in ‘reality’ courtesy of our five senses and social conditioning, my mind over platter theory is going to sound like I’m several loaves short of a picnic to many of you. It will have Slimming World instructors, zumba coaches, dieticians, the medical profession, pharamceutical companies, the fashion industry and Gwyneth Paltrow pelting me with rotten (and in GP’s case, organic) tomatoes.

But if you are ready to challenge the status quo; if you are ready to embrace a couple of groundbreaking experiments (frankly what have you got to lose other than some excess kilos?), and if you are ready to live joyfully in a world where you can have your cake and eat it, maybe, just maybe this is the best blog you will EVER digest…

But to do this we have to take a trip back to school, more precisely, the science lab. Quantum physics has shown us that we humans are in fact magnets. Every thought we think affects our reality and the world we see around us. And this touches every area of our life. We simply cannot feel, think, speak or act without the energy of those feelings, thoughts, words and actions impacting this invisible force field. Our magnetic energy is sent out into the Universe like a radio emitting a signal and we get back in our lives exactly what we broadcast. This is what’s known as the Law of Attraction.

So if we are going to have resentful feelings and thoughts about the box of chocolates in the fridge that our boyfriend bought us for our birthday (we want them – of course! – but we have decided they are full of calories, sugar and fat, and they will make us put on half a kilo when we were trying to be really good as we have a new dress to fit into for a party at the weekend) then hey presto, the chocolates in the fridge will now be infused with our negativity. They will set out to undertake our command.

And it doesn’t stop there, does it?
How do we feel when we eat them? We’re pissed off, frustrated at our lack of willpower, we literally despise ourselves. We’re already playing a future movie reel over and over in our head, imagining squeezing into that dress and no longer being able to zip it to the top. We’re probably even mentally putting the dress back in the wardrobe and picturing ourselves in the old unflattering number that we kept at the back – just in case we went up another dress size.

And it doesn’t stop there either, does it?
Because now we have also programmed our body to use the energy from the chocolates in an unproductive way. Our cells have been instructed to convert food into fat… and un-helpful bodily conditions.

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This is how powerful we are.
We don’t need diets! We don’t need to deprive ourselves by going back to cavemen and women times a la mind numbingly restrictive Paleo craze!

Next TwentyEight
Next TwentyEight

Life is for living and food is for loving.
Now let’s take a leaf out of the likes of my cousin’s boyfriend’s book. Here is a man who is athletically slim yet does no exercise and has an appetite I don’t think I have ever seen the likes of. We’re talking three large helpings of my infamous lemon meringue pie! And that was after two portions of my knock-out lasagna!

We don’t need to ramp up our portions to these epic proportions, unless it truly makes us feel good. But what I want to emphasize here is LOVE. The guy LOVES his food. And clearly he has never been brought up to think of food as an enemy. So he can eat what he wants. Because that is his core belief. His diet serves him well and he stays the same size. It really is that simple.

If you STILL don’t believe that our thoughts change the make-up of our food, here’s a fun experiment you can try out at home:

Get an apple, cut it in half. Now place each half into a sterile glass jar and pop the lids on tightly. I want you to label one jar ‘Good Apple’ and the other jar ‘Bad Apple’. Every day for the next 2 weeks your job is to talk, sing and shower the ‘Good’ apple with praise, adoration and love. And every day for the next 2 weeks you do exactly the opposite to the ‘Bad’ apple. Send it hate, swear at it, abuse it, let all of your worldly frustration out on it. Come back to me and tell me what happens. If this doesn’t change your perception, I’ll eat my hat… or a bar of chocolate.

I’m not going to lie.
Changing the way you feel and think about food takes time. It takes patience. It takes open-mindedness. Bags of it. It is something I am slowly getting better at day by day. But it isn’t second nature. Oh, it would be… if when we were children our society, parents and the media hadn’t helpfully labelled our nourishment for us as friend or foe. In our natural child-like state of wonder, we’d have simply chosen to eat what felt good and absorbed everything perfectly into our bodies.

We have been molded over time.
And that kind of mostly well-intended brainwashing takes a while to shake off. I don’t expect many of you will be convinced enough to give up your 5:2 diets today. And maybe not next week either. But if mind over platter has planted a seed to make you even slightly curious, then my job here is done.

Love your pancakes. Infuse them with the magic of your thoughts, then they’ll turn into this…


and as for you, well, maybe next time you eat them you mysteriously won’t get your usual indigestion either.

And you’ll soon be rockin’ in that new dress!

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