By Miss Pollyanna, 15th April 2016

7 Super Powers of Pink Himalayan Salt

Debunking the Myth that all Salt is Bad...

Debunking the Myth that all Salt is Bad…

I’m here to prove to you that it’s flippin’ well not. It cannot be a coincidence that in days gone by, salt was actually valued as a commodity higher than currency when it came to trading! And when we’re talking Pink Himalayan Salt, well, we’re really hot on the heels of a magical power when it comes to our health in particular.

Yes, Pink Himalayan Salt could well be the missing ingredient in YOUR well-being. And the best news is that nowadays it is readily available and fantastically priced. By adding just a little to your daily regime you could be doing yourself the biggest favour of your life!

This prized salt which comes from crystallized sea salt beds that are now deep within the Himalayan mountains, has remained untouched by modern day life – and the pollution that can all too often bring, making it surely – in my book and many a fanatic’s anyway – the purest salt on the planet. So much so, that it is only mined by hand and contains over 80 trace minerals (hence its colour).


Still not convinced? Let me explain just 7 of the Super Powers of Pink Himalayan Salt…

1:Better than table salt
Since Pink Himalayan Salt is composed of a larger crystal structure than regular table salt, it contains less sodium per serving making it unquestionably healthier as a seasoning with any meal – or an addition to recipes when baking. Commercially refined salt is not only mineral bereft – with the exception of the sodium and chloride – but has also been cleaned with chemicals, bleached and heated at temperatures which destroy any goodness.

2: Minerals and elements galore!
Can you believe there are over 80 minerals and elements – every trace that the body requires, in fact – in the humble Pink Himalayan Salt crystal? Sulphate, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, Bromide, Strontium, Borate and Trontium to name but a few. And the benefits of these could fill a football pitch; helping to lower blood pressure, remove toxins from the system, strengthen bones, balance metabolism, improve circulation, and help our intestines absorb nutrients from our food and drink. And that’s just to get started…

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3: Boosts self-esteem
Do not underestimate the mighty power of these tiny crystals! Pink Himalayan Salt can help to increase our libido AND it is said to be anti-ageing. When you think of the supposed ‘added minerals’ we find in our manufactured anti-wrinkle face creams… and then think about just how many more minerals Pink Himalayan Salt naturally contains, this is hardly surprising. We love L’Essentielle’s Himalayan Pink Salt and Butter Face Scrub for a healthy facial treat. In fact, this little gem of a British website features a whole host of stunningly gorgeous and natural Pink Himalayan Salt treats for use from top to toe…

4: Helps our cells stay healthy
Every cell in our body requires the perfect balance of water both inside and outside of the cell. This is where Pink Himalayan Salt comes into its own. It offers the right balance by actually regulating the water within and surrounding every individual cell in our bodies. And this is crucial for a well functioning body. Contrary to popular belief, the right amount of this kind of salt in our diets actually leads to a well hydrated body with balanced electrolytes.

5: Bath-time
A cup of Pink Himalayan Salts added to the bath tub, and a long soak – is one of most wonderful treats you can give your body. The salts will not only soothe away those aching muscles, they’ll give your circulation the ultimate boost too.

6: Clean air
Since Pink Himalayan Salts contain a higher number of negative ions (which seems a contradiction, but negative ions actually produce positive vibes!) they make the best air purifiers, helping to combat allergies, asthma and even depression. Think about how awesome you feel after a thunderstorm, or just by breathing in fresh mountain air, well Pink Himalayan Salt lamps offer the same magical beneficial effects to our well-being – and they make stunning centre pieces too whilst bathing the room in a gorgeous orange, red or white glow.

7: Salt Slabs
Likewise, another fabulous Pink Himalayan Salt product that’s become more and more popular is the Salt Slab. Essentially this is a serving platter which enhances both the flavour of salt and the mineral content to meals. The slabs are so versatile that they can be heated or chilled depending on meal type, and once again, presentation wise they look great!

So there you have it. 7 reasons to ditch the table salt and treat yourself to ONLY the very best!

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