By Miss Pollyanna, 2nd November 2015

No More Botox Nicole!

You're Ruining your Face...

You’re Ruining your Face…

Oh my goodness. Now I am not normally one to criticise or pass judgment on anyone, but there is something I need to say out loud and here at The Glass House #youthinkitwesayit: I am concerned for Nicole Kidman. Deeply concerned. What happened to her timelessly beautiful face? Can anybody enlighten me?

I can forgive her appearance with the meerkats of the British Compare The Market insurance advert. Arnold Schwarzenneger already paved the way for Hollywood there. And well, meerkats are cute, after all. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to star in a commercial with one and get paid a lot of money for it? But Nicole, never mind the meerkats, you are looking more like a hamster… and it doesn’t suit you one bit!

Why, why, why would anyone think this a good look?
I am not completely dismissing botox. I am sure that used carefully, sparingly – very sparingly – it has its plus side, for select people – ie. those of us at a succinct disadvantage when it comes to the good looking stakes. But when one of the world’s most stunning women starts using it as if it’s going to go out of fashion… and comes out resembling a Cabbage Patch Kid who has just stepped out of a candy store, desperate to hide the evidence in her cheeks, something is very amiss.

It’s like a biology experiment that went horribly wrong…
Yet nobody dared to let Nicole know! Maybe I am jumping to conclusions here but why, oh why didn’t somebody have a quiet word in her ear? ‘Ahem, Nicole, you do realise that the women of this world positively drool over you (and don’t even get me started on the men), aspire to look like you, admire the way you don’t look anywhere near your 47 years? This botox thing, well, it’s all fun and games to try the latest fad and all but, um, maybe it’s an idea to quit while you’re ahead now…? It’s just you’re starting to look like an alien!

Because it doesn’t stop there.
Let’s face it, it rarely does. Next it’ll be the trout pout, the nose job and all the rest. And with women such as Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslett and Helen Mirren campaigning for a fairer movie industry; one in which age is but a number, one in which maturer female actors can bag themselves a lead role, and one in which air brushing is banished, this is the absolute anti-thesis of all that good work.

And hardly a good role model for young women…
Including Nicole’s daughters. It is just sad, terribly sad that somebody so quintessentially and effortlessly alluring; a 21st century icon of the silver screen – for her incredible talent as an actor as well as her radiance – felt the need to make such a drastically cosmetic, artificial and completely unnecessary change to her self. And therefore nigh on impossible for the rest of the female species to get their heads around!

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So my (unsolicited) advice to Nicole is this:
Replay your movies – the ones you grace the screen in – and replay every single one. Replay your duet with Robbie Williams too while you’re at it… Fall in love with that woman again. How could you ever have fallen out of love with her? She is perfect. She doesn’t need touching up. She’s inspired an international audience. She is classy. She is selective about her roles. She is demure. She is revered. And you Nicole, you are still that lady. A couple more candles on the birthday cake mean nothing, nada, nichts, rien du tout, niente!

Einstein taught us that time is an illusion anyway. Embrace the lines and wrinkles, for they are evidence of a youth well spent, a backstory of laughter, smiles and sweet slumber on a pillow… and those botoxed cheeks are hardly going to let you do a whole lot of that. True beauty comes from within. It cannot be measured by the smoothness of skin, nor the tautness of a high cheek bone.

The world loved you just as you were: Real, imaginary warts and all, but real.

What did you think?

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