By Miss Pollyanna, 29th October 2016

Have You Tried Trampoline Jogging?

6 Reasons to Take up Fitness that's Fun, Easy and Effective!

6 Reasons to Take up Fitness that’s Fun, Easy and Effective!

Are you looking for exercise you can not only look forward to, but you’re also likely to stick with? Then it might be time to give Trampoline Jogging a run for your money (not that you’ll really have to spend very much!). This unique form of exercise is growing in popularity and when you consider its many plus points below, it’s easy to see just why. But combining efficiency with numerous health benefits, is only the tip of the iceberg. Trampoline Jogging offers enthusiasts so much more than your average workout.

First off though, the science bit: rebounding (it’s technical name) burns (for the average adult weight) in the region of 210 calories per half hour of moderate-intensity exercise. However, compared to jogging on a non-bouncy surface, Trampoline Jogging produces greater biochemical results, and perhaps most importantly, less demand on the heart. This technically makes it more efficient than running!

Not only that but rebounding (the act of bouncing up and down on a trampoline) has been proven to trigger lymphatic circulation. This helps cleanse the body of impurities and gives the immune system a huge boost. Further still, rebounding increases cardiovascular endurance, sorts out sluggish circulation and does wonders for bone-density.

As if that wasn’t enough, here are 6 more reasons why Trampoline Jogging might just be the best fitness decision you ever make:

1: It’s Fun
And there’s no point embarking on any exercise regime that isn’t! The beauty of trampoline jogging is it transports you back to that childhood feeling of elation that is being on the bouncy castle… You revel in it. Mix the jogging up with a little “creative” dancing, throw in some arm moves too (who cares what you look like, cos’ usually nobody is watching) and if you aren’t feeling goose bumps as you bound in time (or out of it) with the likes of ABBA or Lady Gaga, I will eat my hat.


Yes, this is one “sport” you’ll find yourself positively looking for excuses to take part in. And unlike most exercise which is set against the clock, if you do it along with your favourite high vibe CD, you can roughly count each song as being five minutes long. It’s so refreshing to exercise to the tune of a song as opposed to a stopwatch!

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2: It’s Weatherproof
Who cares if it’s chucking it down outside? Even the driest of our sporting activities usually mean that we have to peg it to the car (often in the rain) to get to the gym, basketball court or yoga studio. Not so with the trusty trampoline! And when it’s super hot, simply pop on the fan and enjoy the fact that you’re burning off even more calories. What could be easier?

3: You can go Solo
For many of us, regular participation in leisure activities means we are reliant on a workout buddy… who frequently pulls out or comes up with a growing list of weekly excuses. And that’s why I love my Trampoline Jogging; I’m relying only on myself and my inspiration to pump up the happy tracks on my stereo before making a quick change into some comfier clothing.

4: It’s Quick
Exercise for me – exercise for many of us – has to be. I’m a working mum, it’s just got to fit into my routine… without becoming too much of a routine. If I have a journey to factor into getting to my place of exercise, frankly it’s not happening; I’m just not going to get that return for my investment in a pool, pounding the pavements or in a sweaty Zumba hall – wonderful as all those activities are. As an all-or-nothing person I’ve got to be able to see myself committing wholeheartedly to a sport before I get started. Yes, it is fun to try new things… and even to quit on them with wild abandon when something new takes our fancy.

But for me that feels too much like procrastination. Whereas six leaping bops to six uplifting tracks in my CD collection ticks all of my time-maximising boxes. Exercise and I have found our deal.

5: It’s Value for Money
There are no monthly membership costs, there’s no compulsory uniform, and it doesn’t even require petrol in the car. Once you’ve invested in a mini trampoline (and most sports outlets sell these for a very reasonable price), she’s all yours until the springs break. She also doubles as a fun way for the kids to get some indoor exercise… just don’t let them take her outdoors… you will never get her back and she’ll rust in no time!


6: It’s Transportable
You can trampoline jog or jump or “dance” pretty much anywhere that springs (pun very much intended) to mind. You can even unscrew the legs of your trampoline and pack it all up in the car if you are traveling away on a holiday so you don’t lose your momentum. But for me, the perfect rebounding location just has to be by the balcony doors of my bedroom overlooking the sea. I’m jammy, I know.

The key really is to find an inspired view which helps you get into “the zone” and takes your mind off time as well as all your internal chitchat. The more natural that view, the more you can sense your well-being shift.

*I also have the added bonus of watching random joggers sweat it out the hard way as they do their thing on the paseo fringing the beach, which has a two-pronged effect: 1) I feel utterly blessed that I have the sense to choose the more enjoyable form of exercise and 2) this nips any fleeting feelings of exercising alone swiftly in the bud.*

So if you’re still desperately searching for your workout “go to”, look no further, why not give a little bouncing Tigger-style a try? Who knows… Trampoline Jogging just might be your own personal honey pot!

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