By Lady Lolita, 4th August 2022

What is a Bidet?

10 Reasons Why I WON'T Live Without my Bidet!

10 Reasons Why I WON’T Live Without my Bidet!

I read something on Facebook recently that shocked me to my very core. I couldn’t believe the ignorance of some people, the complete lack of understanding that exists in this world…the very absurdity of the comment. Someone actually wrote as their Facebook status, ‘What is a bidet really for?’

Really? Really?!

To me that is like asking what a handbag is for, or what a steering wheel does or why people have to wear shoes. It took me a moment to realise that this particular tweeter was from the UK, not Europe, and there may lie the issue. It seems, after much research, that many of those in the UK are totally unaware of the magical uses for this (forgive my insistence here) priceless invention. For those in Europe, we simply wouldn’t ever dream of living without one.

I am a proud bidet owner and am regularly saddened by people’s misunderstanding of what I think is one of life’s must haves for any woman. Especially one living in a hot country (and face it Brits, your summers are getting hotter by the year).

I would go so far as to say that I would happily go without a sink before I gave up my bidet. You don’t believe me? Here are my Top Ten reasons why every woman should own a bidet, then tell me you don’t feel kinda lacking and sorta stinky not having one in your bathroom!

What's a bidet?

10 reason to use a bidet:

After sex
Are you going to lay on the sticky wet patch or have a full on shower after the deed, when all you need is a quick (yet thorough) wash? Nope. Just sit on the bidet, have a squirt and you’re done.

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On a hot sweaty day
Sometimes you want to just change your underwear and freshen up. Wash first, you skank, without having to go through the rigmarole of a shower or a bath.

That time of the month
Don’t make me spell it out. Stay clean, ladies.

Shaving your legs
Much easier than sitting on the edge of the bath.

Soaking your feet
You can even do it while sitting on the loo!


When you have an upset tummy
You can feel better and cleaner after each ‘sitting’ if you wash on the bidet (and no need for unhygienic sponges and flannels).

Talking of being ill…
A bidet is a lot more appealing to be sick in than a toilet.

For kids
It’s the perfect height for kids to wash their hands or brush their teeth in. Or for that matter stand in and wash their feet.

When you have no hot water/are in a rush
It’s so much easier to wash your pits in the sink and your bottom in a bidet than have a freezing cold shower, soak the floor having a stand up wash or go without. Isn’t it?

And finally
It has an adjustable nozzle and really high water pressure, so if you sit a certain way and aim in a certain direction…

If these ten explanations are not enough reasons as to why you should own a bidet, then I give up. Go take your stinky arse out of here, and never let me hear you ask what a bidet is for again!

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