By The Duchess, 20th September 2015

Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

Life Quotes from the Cracking Countess

Life Quotes from the Cracking Countess

Now given that my pen name is The Duchess, those of you reading this cannot be surprised that I may be a little obsessed by all things royal, regal and ‘period’. Downton Abbey is no exception. This amazing TV series has not only gripped the hearts of the British, but even our friends across the pond in America seem to be just as transfixed by the amazing palatial castles, beautiful dresses, handsome men and dramatic story lines.

For those of you who have not seen the series yet – you don’t know what you are missing!

But, unlike so many other TV Drama Series that don’t know when to ‘quit while you’re ahead’, Downton Abbey is about to air its final season. Why? Because the last thing we want is this glorious series to loose its shine and end up flopping. No, the Cracking Countess and her myriad of minions will go out the only way they know how. In glorious style and at the very top of their game.

This evening, (September 20th 2015) Downton Abbey will premier the first episode of their final season. With fans and Downton fanatics preparing their china tea sets and polishing the silver in anticipation, we have decided to look back at some of the things that have made us love the series. Namely, the Cracking Countess and her amazing one liners that have given her her deserved fame.

The Dowager Countess is by far one of the most loved characters on the show. Dame Maggie Smith pulls off the haughty entitled but loving character with sheer perfection. Hardly surprising given her back catalogue of acting experience.

The writers of this season really have given Maggie a fun role to play and some of her quotes have even caused a social media frenzy.

However, her one liner quips have done more than just made us giggle, a few of them have given us much needed life lessons.

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So – while we get ready for tonight’s premier here are just a few quotes from previous seasons to get our memories flowing.

There are many many more quotes we could pick out – but these top ten quotes remind us of just a few of the Life Lessons from Downton Abbey.

So here are some of the best of the Cracking Countess’ thoughts…

…On Communication

Downton Abby Telephone

Now tell me that every mother has not thought this at least once in their life. Trying to talk on the phone with children around is impossible.

“Hi Sandra, yep… Charlie put that down. Yes ok. Lunch, when? Charlie, I said now. Sorry, Sandra. I am listening.”

Torture. Utter torture.

…On Marriage


Although most of us are afraid to admit it – half of us marry the man of our dreams without having let him see all of us yet. But isn’t that the beauty of marriage? Getting to know each other inside and out? Wise words from a wise woman the day before you wed. Don’t worry about the stuff  you don’t know, you have a whole lifetime to figure it out.

…On Frenemies


Even within family dynamics, there are women who have strong personalities that will rub each other up the wrong way. The Dowager Countess recognises this and is quick to point out that sometimes being allies is more effective than being friends. A very important lesson to learn, especially for those who struggle with their own mother in laws.

…On Class and Attitude


Miss Pollyanna would certainly agree with this statement. A ‘lady‘ should never be defeatist, no matter what class, race or religion you are. Strong, and forever optimistic. That is the sign of a true Glass House Girl.

…On Superficiality


Yet more sage advice and something I will surely pass down to my daughters. Marry for love not money, because money can come and go, but love is harder to find.

…On Being Right


I have a feeling that most women around the world will be storing this quote in the memory bank for those arguments with their other halves. Us women are never wrong!

…On Intelligence


Really? Need we say more! A real woman with a brain will use her imagination and wit to outsmart her opponents. Vulgarity is so… last season.

…On Finding Yourself as a Woman


There comes a time when you have to realise that as a woman it is easy to be dismissed. To stand up and fight to show your worth is a hard task and can be even tougher after having children. But no one will change your world for you, you have to change it for yourself. So get up, get your act in gear, set your ambitions high. Why shoot for the stars when you can walk with them?

…On Being Diplomatic


The ability to tell someone something straight without having them take offence is truly an art. If you can’t be kind, be careful. If you can’t be careful, be diplomatic. If you can’t be diplomatic, be clever. If you are clever enough, anything you say to a ‘frenemie’ can be taken as a compliment with a hidden meaning. That is not fake ladies, that is just diplomacy.

…On… well… Cake! 


And to finish off – a true Glass House Girl loves nothing more than a good pudding. Yet another quote Miss Pollyanna will approve of. Life is far too short not to indulge in the finer things in life. If the Dowager Countess believes it so… so do we!

With that, this is one Duchess signing off and looking forward to embracing the wit, knowledge and superior wisdom of her peers. With a whole season to look forward to before they lower the red curtain, I know I am not the only one looking forward to seeing which quotes the lovely Maggie Smith will immortalise this time.

What did you think?

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