By The Duchess, 9th May 2015

OCD or Easily Irritated?

17 Things That Irritate the OCD In Me

17 Things That Irritate the OCD In Me

It seems to me there may be two types of people in the world. 1. The people that get irritated by the small things and… 2. The people that DO the small things that irritate others. My husband thinks I’m just OCD, but I think that’s because he falls into the latter category.

I never thought about it really until I had children, or maybe until I had to live with my now husband, but maybe he is right. When we moved in together I started to see that some of the things that irritated me about day to day life just did not bother him so much… So, after nearly 10 years together and two kids, I have finally come to the conclusion that maybe I am a little (just a little) OCD. Not in the I-have-to-tap-the-door-three-times-every-time-I-enter-a-room sort of OCD, just the I like things a certain way, my way kind of way.

Are you OCD or Easily Irritated? Or is it your husband that is irritating? Have a look at the list below and see how many of the boxes you check… more than three and you may be in the same camp as me. Or maybe you are in the latter category, and you will find yourself laughing out loud because secretly you know that each of these points describes you perfectly.

Things that irritate the OCD in me.

1: The lid being left off the toothpaste
Number one irritant in my house – in fact, even discovering that someone has squeezed toothpaste from the middle of the tube irritates me… squeeze from the END, you know it makes sense! As for leaving the lid off – why would you do it? Dry toothpaste is just WRONG!

Leo Reynolds
Leo Reynolds

2: NOT replacing the loo roll
In fact, what is the point of going to all the trouble of getting a new roll just to place it like a balancing act on TOP of the finished roll?

PINCH, SQUEEZE, SLIP it off, slip a new one on, pinch and replace.  6 easy steps… It’s not that God damn hard (and don’t get me started on where you put the empty roll… in the BIN… not on the FLOOR… or hidden behind the toilet so you think I can’t see… I see… I ALWAYS see.)

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3: Bin Jenga!
If you don’t know what this is, then I am pretty sure you can guess! If it doesn’t fit in the bin then open a sodding new bin bag and take the full rubbish bag to the bin!!! Otherwise, who do you think is going to have to risk the messy version of Kerplunk later?


4: Crumbs in the butter – enough said!

5: Stepping on Eggshells!
Putting EMPTY egg shells BACK in the egg carton?! WHY!!!

6: Hanger Hell!
Going into a shop, or even a wardrobe in my own house, and seeing all the hangers facing different ways! Wow – the strength it takes me in a shop not to go around and check each and every rail to make sure they are all facing the same way!

Garry Knight
Garry Knight

7: Dishwasher Tetris
People who simply don’t understand that a dishwasher is NO PLACE to play Tetris. Each little slot is a home for a plate or a cup. Just spend 5 minutes looking at it…its easy to see! Cramming things into spaces that are too small or trying to squeeze the door shut when the frying pan handle is clearly in the way – for fuck’s sake, just take it out!

8: Frozen Hell
Opening the freezer to find an empty ice bag or an empty ice tray.

If you use the last of the ice, fill up the tray or throw the ice bag away. There is nothing worse than rooting around in a freezer looking for Houdini ice cubes!

9: Sneaky Buggers
The idiots who think it’s hilarious to watch you spend all day doing the housework and all the washing up, just to wait until you sit down before they put a dirty plate or bowl in the sink. I just want to scream “you can bloody well stand there until it’s clean, dry, put away and all the watermarks on the worktops are wiped up!”

10: Empty bottles in the bathroom
If the shampoo is finished, throw out the bloody bottle! It will not magically refill itself, and it will not walk its way to the bin, so throw it away! They are not attractive looking decorative pieces nicely placed around my bath, they are annoying rubbish cluttering up my nice clean space!

11: Empty milk carton in the fridge
Really? Just wow… Just no! And none of this “there was some left” shit. If it doesn’t fill the bottom of a cup, there is no need for it to be in my fridge.

12: Holy Hell
That moment when you are really looking forward to a nice sandwich and you pull out a piece of bread that is all crust and no middle. WTF?! What exactly am I supposed to do with that?!

13: Rubber Rage
Rubbers (or erasers for you non English folk) that are not rubbers at all.


You know the ones, the ones that are supposed to rub OUT mistakes, not smear your mistake in a horrible grey smudge all over your white piece of paper!

14: Raging Rings
Buying a ring binder, only to find that the claws of the ring binder don’t actually meet in the middle… oh my God, what is its purpose if it doesn’t stay closed?!

15: Plastic Fantastic
Buying a pair of scissors because you have NONE at home, only to find you need a bloody pair of scissors to open the frickin’ packet! We have all been there.

16: Unread Emails
Unread email alerts on mobile phones… READ THEM or DELETE them… whatever it takes to get that flashing red alert button to disappear from your screen. I have never read my husband’s phone, but I swear seeing his unread emails flashing on his home screen all day long makes me want to crack his iPhone lock code!

Leo Chen
Leo Chen

17: Sticking it to the Non-Stick
Buying a new non-stick pan, only to spend 45 minutes trying to get the sticky label that says NON STICK off the damn pan!

Now, I am pretty sure that most of you reading this will think ‘well they all irritate me, but I’m not sure that makes me OCD’… Well, I think I agree with you there. But when someone lives in the same house as you and laughs each and every time one of these small points annoy – it certainly does make one wonder.

What did you think?

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