By Lady Lolita, 18th July 2015

Top 10 Best & Worst Proposals Ever

What to do (and not to do) if you want them to say 'I Do'

What to do (and not to do) if you want them to say ‘I Do’

What do you do when you have found that perfect person who you want to spend the rest of your life with (or maybe just take to the prom)? You ask them. Which is what these ten people did. Some blew us away with their amazing planning and extraordinary creative ideas and some, well, they will have their biggest and most embarrassing mistake YouTubed for eternity.

So if you are building up to going down on one knee, and have spent the last few weeks with a diamond ring in your pocket wondering how to ask, take note.

Here are my Top 10 Best & Worst Proposals Ever.

Let’s start with the successes…

1. Plan a Lip Dub Love Up
Meticulous planning, a great group of friends and family, a girlfriend that has miraculously not twigged in the run up and enough singing and dancing to make any West End theatre go out of business. If you want her to say ‘I Do’… then put on the show of her life!

2. Choose an audience of millions
Make sure you have the girl of your dreams being watched by millions of guys around the world, all wanting to be her man… then you sweep her off her feet. Even if this guy looks totally awkward about it, he still pulled it off!

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3. Make it Picture Perfect
You don’t have to have shed loads of money or spend months planning your big moment with a huge groups of friends. You just need a Saturday night, a mate or two and a board game.

4. Get a Celebrity to help you
Who do you go to when you want something really bad? Santa of course! And (even though he’s wearing a crap T-shirt and it’s in a shopping mall) you’ve got to love this guy’s inventiveness.

5. Get the flash mob professionals in
I’m blubbing! The dancing, the song, the backdrop, the unsuspecting girlfriend and then he joins in! It’s too much… so perfect… so romantic.

6. Be the man that says Yes
And for the best of the best… combine it all! The normality of Home Depot, the help of friends and family, the catchy song and dancing BUT this time it’s two gorgeous guys madly in love with each other. This proposal even caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres… THAT’S how you ask a man to marry you!

And then there were these. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

7. Get the timing right
She said yes, they can’t wait to tell the family, they make a video straight away and then… this. Two big men in the background fighting over dog crap, then it gets really messy. Classy.

8. Don’t give her a heart attack before she says Yes
Okay, so he’s pretty cool… but it’s also amazingly crazy. Like REALLY bloody crazy!

9. The PromPosal Fail
This poor guy will never have the guts to get on one knee for a girl after this disastrous attempt! Her tears should have been tears of happiness… not of shame and regret. Oh God, I feel for him.

10. The best of the worst
Thankfully someone has done this for me already. Top tip guys: Don’t ask in a shopping mall, don’t film it unless you are 100% sure she will say yes and please… don’t get excited about it because, you know, you may just fall flat on your face like these poor unsuspecting fools!

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