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Top 10 Reasons to LOVE James Bond

Sex, Sass and Martini's Baby!

Sex, Sass and Martini’s Baby!

The time has finally arrived. The blond adonis that is Daniel Craig is gracing our screen once more with the latest James Bond movie: Spectre.

With so much sex, sass and swagger about to explode into our cinema screens, now is as good a time as any to look back at the reasons we all love a bit of Bond.

If  you are one of the (strange) few that does not feel the flutter of excitement when you hear the bond theme tune, I am here to tell you why you should. For everyone else, here is a little recap of all the best bits of Bond.

#1: Sex
Let’s not beat about the bush here. There are more than a few reasons why the male of the species love a good Bond movie; the ladies that slink out of the ocean wearing totally impractical swimsuits and over-sized shells being one. But James Bond does not discriminate. With each and every Bond film comes a litany of sexy men to grace the screens. But let’s be real here ladies, because it is not just hot raunchy sex that keeps us on the edge of our seats, it’s Bond’s way with the ladies that makes being a lothario look positively romantic. His ‘intimate’ scenes with his golden goddesses always have us praying we will be swept of our feet by the man in a suit.

#2: Geekery

Karen Roe
Karen Roe

I don’t care if you are a self professed geek or a technophobe, male or female, no one can deny the draw of the geekery that Bond brings to the screen. From tricked out invisible Aston Martins to Ski Pole Guns, each movie gets ever more inventive than the next. From young kids to ‘Peter Pan’ fathers, everyone loves to see what gadgets Q will unveil next.

#3 Timelessness

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It doesn’t matter what age you are or what generation you grew up in – there is a James Bond for everyone. Each fan you meet will tell you who their favourite Bond is, be it the suave natured and sexy smooth Sean Connery, or the cool, calm and collected confident Pierce Brosnan. Each generation has its ‘perfect Bond’, but each will tell you that no matter who they prefer, the passion for Bond lives on in its effortless writing and perfect portrayal of the timeless characters Ian Flemming created. Essentially, the reason Bond is so timeless is because he has always been both of his time and well ahead of it. With cultural references to make it current, but enough intrigue and gadget geekery to keep it well ahead of the curve, it is a perfect combination that keeps the money and audiences rolling in year after year.

#4: Cars

“I feel the need, the need for speed”. Now although James Bond would never lower his standards to utter such a sentence, it is clear that speed runs through his veins. From the classic AMC Hornet to the flashy Lotus Esprit and now the Aston Martin DB10, Bond gets to drive (and spectacularly wreck) some of the most beautiful cars on the planet. A sexy man in control of such a powerful car, it’s enough to have women fainting in the cinema aisles (and the men dreaming of their midlife crisis.)

#5: Locations, Locations, Locations.

Oh the places you will go. James Bond is a lucky man. Women, cars, gadgets and a passport that will be brimming with stamps from a million exotic locations. In the latest film Spectre, Bond travels to multitude of destinations yet again – soaking up the sun in Mexico and enjoying the snowy vistas in Austria. Travelling the world can be a handy perk when you can’t quite decide which nationality of woman you prefer… why not just try them all!

#6 Martinis Baby.

Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen

Here is a man that knows how to drink. Not a pint of beer in sight. If you want to impress a real woman, drink a real drink. Shaken, not stirred. The Glass House Girls would welcome him with open arms any day and whip him up a special Bond Martini to join us on the veranda.

#7 He’s Broken.  
Women love a man with just a little bit of damage. No man is perfect, and let’s be fair, if they were all perfect we would be bored (and quite frankly out of work – it’s our job to fix the broken ones). James Bond is ultimately flawed. He gets his heart broken, makes mistakes and always lets his heart (or maybe his ‘second’ brain) rule his head and never ever leaves the girls behind – no matter the danger. He is the ultimate broken bad-ass.

#8 Action Packed and Fast Paced Stunts

You don’t have to be an action hero lover to love the movies, but it helps. The adrenaline that courses through your veins as you watch men jump from speeding boats or off high rise buildings is enough to give any mere mortal a buzz, even if you are only watching from the comfort of your cinema chair. Regardless of your level of love for explosions and crash scenes, Bond has always been ahead of it’s time when it comes to action stunts, and just like the geekery gadgets, we sit on the edge of our seats every time waiting to see what the movie will offer this time.

#9 Cheesy Pick Up Lines

I don’t care what any woman says, it doesn’t matter how cheesy the pick up line is, it is always flattering to have a man in a suit utter the words;
“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this.” Even I would melt into a man’s arms if he said that whilst holding a perfectly made Martini. I would chortle first of course, but I would still melt

#10 Bond Girls… are now Bond WOMEN. 

FINALLY. It seems even James Bond has caught up with the times. He has not exactly been known for his modern thinking or progressive attitude to women in the past, but it seems that may be all about to change. The release of Spectre sees Bond battle with not one but two love interests, both not mere 20 somethings but mature, independent feisty women. Monica Bellucci, who plays Mob widow Lucia Sciarra in the new film admitted that this new film is “in some way revolutionary” in its treatment towards the fairer sex. Bellucci is 51 and although was initially surprised when approached for the film, she saw this as an opportunity to up-date the male attitudes. No longer ‘girls’ but women. It seems even James Bond is now entering into the ageism in film debate and by all accounts winning!

So there you have it, the top ten reasons why you should rush out and see this year’s James Bond: Spectre film. Released October 26th 2015 and available worldwide from November 7th 2015.

Trust me – it will not disappoint… as for me, I am off to slip into something sexy, pour myself a dry Martini and await the arrival of my very own secret agent. How about you?

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