By The Duchess, 15th November 2018

Why I Love Men in Uniform

Military Uniforms to Raise the Blood Pressure

Military Uniforms to Raise the Blood Pressure

Come on now ladies, you have to admit, we all have them. Our own little fantasies, whether it be that Tom Cruise picks us up in full leathers and puts us on the back of his Harley to ride off into the sunset, or a firefighter comes to save us in the middle of the night. We all have our own little daydreams. So I am pretty sure I will not be alone when I openly admit to mine.

Just the other day, over coffee with Lady Lolita, I spotted a lovely looking guy sweep past us. Now normally I would not take a second glance. I am a very happily married woman. However, this guy just happened to be in full Naval Uniform. My lord, my heart almost jumped into my china tea cup.

I have a thing for men in uniform.

There I have said it. I feel like I am sat at an AA meeting admitting my deepest darkest secret, but the truth of the matter is that no matter how much we love the men in our lives, we are allowed to have our own little fantasies.

For me, having grown up in a military family, a man in uniform is always going to do it. Clean cut, authoritative and in control. I am not one who wishes the grubby gardener would put down his hose and sweep me up in his arms… no, that would be far too dirty in the actual ‘dirt’ sense. I want to be swept up by Richard Gere in a clean cut pressed white uniform and laid on a bed of rose petals, not laid down in a patch of mud between the rose bushes. Only the very best will do.

So what is it that attracts women to men in uniforms?
Well for me, a uniform signifies valour and respect as well as commitment. The uniform clearly proves a man’s ability to manage problems in a controlled manner; his ability to follow rules, regulations and commands, his ability to look after those in a vulnerable state with a strong sense of security and safety. That of course is not to say that said men are able to use these skills within a relationship, but we are not talking about relationships here, we are talking about fantasies.

So here are my top 5 men in uniform. Do you agree? Or have I missed someone out?

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A Navy Man
US Navy

US Navy

Now this would break my poor father’s heart. Being a RAF man, his biggest fear when I was a teenager was that I would bring a sailor through the door. Much to his disapproval, I did just that at the tender age of 17. I have never seen my father evict someone so quickly from our home. Despite the awful teenage memories of that day, the Navy Officer will always be the man at the top of my fantasy list. Crisp white shirt and a cap that would look just as sexy on me.

The Army Officer
Army Cadet

Only an officer of course. He would have to be in full military dress. But being an officer means he can carry his voice and command a unit. Hell, he could command me any day! Just the sheer passion and commitment these guys show to their troops is a major turn on.

Armed Services Pilot
us-air-force- piolt

I can wholeheartedly blame this particular obsession on Top Gun and Tom Cruise. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that should that man walk through the door dressed in his pilot get up, that I would not think twice about forgiving him his Scientology beliefs and asking him to show me his cockpit. “I feel the need, the need for speed”. For the love of all that is holy, even The Duchess would leave her pearls on the dresser to slip on a pair of leathers for that man.

US Marines

Now these American lads know how to handle any operations and can bark orders better than most. Rough and rugged but in a clean shaven and controlled manner. This is as close to the rough and ready look as I will go, I’m not generally one for stubble, but for these guys I may just forgive a little bit of fuzz.

Spanish Military Police

Contando Estrelas
Contando Estrelas

Now I have travelled all around the world and met military men from almost every nation, but none take their job as seriously as the Spanish MPs. Having been trained in military warfare, they hold themselves to a much higher standard than the traditional police force.

Which uniform gets your seal of approval? Or are you a Gardener or Pool Guy kinda gal?

What did you think?

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  1. This is brilliant, made me laugh and so accurate.

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