By Miss Pollyanna, 27th September 2016

Airbrush Your Past

It's Time to Write a New Life Story

It’s Time to Write a New Life Story

How many of us feel saddled by our history? Bogged down by our childhoods or the mistakes we have made when we thought we were old enough to know better? How many of us wish we could turn back the clock, make new choices, take new paths knowing now what we could only dream of knowing then?

I am going to let you into a secret…

You can clean it all up. Every last detail that is unpleasing to the memory. Every conversation, every act, every bad relationship.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I promise you it is not. It just requires a little open-mindedness, a little practise and a little visualisation.

Change your thoughts

Pick a relationship, any relationship.
It could be the one you have with your parents, your former loves or your children. Now pick a scenario that has replayed over and over in your head over the years – an argument, an injustice, a whatever. Don’t watch it unravel in depth and in detail again. But do go back to the start of the scene and choose another outcome. Become a movie director, rewind the bits you don’t like and change the scene frame by frame by frame.

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By the way… this technique (not so different to the frame by frame techniques used by Olympic athletes) works for anything; races lost, public speaking that went spectacularly pear-shaped – even the fear-inducing moment you smashed your Grandpa’s greenhouse.

Some might call it burying your head in the sand.
However, the brain truly doesn’t know the difference between the past and the present. Because everything is happening now. On a quantum physics level, this is truth. There is no linear time as we know it. Ladies and Gents, we may as well take advantage of this!

ostrich head in sand

“When you’re caught up in an experience, your senses capture the event and then relay all of that vital information back to your brain through five different sensory pathways. Once all of that new data reaches the brain, mobs of nerve cells organize into fresh networks to reflect the novel external event. The moment those circuits jell, the brain makes a chemical to signal to the body and alter its physiology. That chemical is called a feeling or an emotion.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza, ‘You Are the Placebo’

So what happens when we consistently re-wire our brain vis-a-vis an event is…
Gradually, just like we update our laptops with the latest software, so we do the same to our minds. When we choose a new ‘movie reel’ of ‘the past’, our brain literally doesn’t know any different; it perceives the pictures we are imagining as fact, as happening in the now, thus causing new neurological connections which not only make the upgraded ‘recollection’ of an event all the more dominant, but weaken the memory of the past event.

The vibration – or energy – of our specific thoughts (towards our ex-partner, our parents, and/or the friend we have loathed with a passion since high school), now we are thinking of them in a (presumably!) more positive way, is transmitted into the Universe. What happens next is magic…

We start to see real time evidence of our preferred version of events.
With heartfelt practice and a commitment to a few minutes visualisation a day, miracles can truly happen. Troubled relationships magically heal themselves, and we’ll start to amass little signs of that. We might “happen” to see the spitting image of said person when we are taking a stroll through the park. We might get a phone call out of the blue. Their name may come up in conversation or the film we are watching. Or the signs could be more material; that song that we used to listen to evoking the good old days, a whiff of their perfume, the book we used to read together falling off the shelf. Fill in the blanks! The Universe often has a sense of humour with this too…

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, life starts to get better in general. By truly adopting and owning this Newer Happier Self, we attract better things in all areas; health, wealth, other relationships, hopes and dreams. It all starts to get better and better and better in response to the uplifted frequency we are putting out there.


And when we couple this kind of process with some daily meditation.
Now we are talking airbrushing progress! Just as little as fifteen minutes at the beginning of the day to quieten the mind, reduce the internal chatter and let the mind go blank, is a wonderful way to change the power of our thoughts – from dwelling on the pain of the past to being more open in day-to-day life to the joyous and positive. We don’t even need a specific technique, or to be a yogi sat cross-legged against the backdrop of the Himalayas to get there. Meditation isn’t simply for “the enlightened”; we all have just as much access as the next person.

Finally, it’s about talking the talk…
So maybe we were bullied all through high school (and here I am definitely talking to myself), but we don’t need to keep harping on about it any more. That was twenty years ago! Why are we choosing to re-ignite those hideous emotions? For every time we do that, we are only reaffirming to the Universe that we are victims; asking for more victim-based scenarios to be delivered to us daily. Instead, we can tell a new story whenever our current conversations veer onto said topic – and countless others which dredge up painful pasts. It sounds like denial, but once we realise how much power our thoughts and feelings carry ‘out there’ and bring back to us as the circumstances of our life, the temptation to keep on regurgitating the old news diminishes rapidly.

Airbrushing isn’t the exclusive right of our photographic selfies. Try it today for your actual selfie!

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