By Lady Lolita, 10th April 2017

Why we all Need a Sister

Including these Famous Women!

Including these Famous Women!

The sun is shining and my two girls are enjoying the summer holidays in our huge paddling pool in the garden. We’ve had giggling, laughter, arguments, team work and ganging up on each other (mainly them against me). But that’s what we women do when we’re together… and that’s why we all need a sister.

The 10th of April is Sibling Day, which is something we should all be celebrating. Given that I only have a sister, I have decided to focus on Sisterhood – but feel free to get in touch and tell us some amazing stories about your brothers too if you like!

Sisterhood, whether that means being part of a big female family or being surrounded by your good-as-any-sister friends, women NEED each other.

Not only am I the mother of sisters, but I have one myself and my own mother is one of three sisters. That’s a lot of girl power under one roof! So the idea of living my life without a sister is abhorrent, unnatural and basically… impossible. When you have another woman by your side from childhood – someone that is made up of the same DNA as you, shares your upbringing, genes and crazy parents – you have a partner for life. A friend that can never walk (or get) away from you and an ally at every turn.

So here are my 5 reasons why we all need a sister in our life, including how these celebs couldn’t have made it without theirs!

1. Sisters defend you to the end
No matter what life throws at you, your sister is on your side.
Had I been a faster runner I could have easily wound up in an Indian jail because of my sister.
After dinner out with friends on our Goan holiday my sister and I took a walk along a moonlit beach to a beach bar, where out of nowhere a couple of young lads jumped us, grabbed my sister around the neck and tried to kiss her. They were only kids, and a kiss was all they were going for… but it was enough. I completely lost my rag and chased the little gits halfway down the beach, my flip flops as weapons windmilling through the air, while I screamed obscenities at them with every intention of murdering the little fuckers. Thank God they were younger, skinnier and faster than me as their only means of escape was to run into the sea. Not once did I think of the consequences of my actions, all I was thinking was ‘that’s my little sister, you bastards, how dare you!’ and I was intent on killing them. Seriously. Thankfully I didn’t, but I doubt they will do that again.

And I’m sure Solange Knowles knows exactly where I’m coming from!
Remember the infamous elevator recording of her defending her sister Beyonce against her brother-in-law, Jay Z? No one fucks with your sister, no matter how famous or rich he is, and as much as Beyonce may have been mortally embarrassed about her sister’s outburst that went globally viral within a matter of hours… she knows she would have done the same!

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2. They are there when you need them
When the love of my life dumped me, I was back sharing a bedroom with my sister at the ridiculously far-too-old-to-move-back-home age of 25. She then spent a further three months listening to me whine, cry, shout and complain about my loss while accompanying me on countless drunken nights out and holding back my hair while I puked him out of my system. When my first child was born my sister made sure she finished her world-wide travels early to come home, and when my sister had her baby she spent six weeks of her summer at my house where my niece instantly become one of my own. That is what sisters do. They are effortlessly by your side and, without you even noticing, support you when you most need it.

And I’m sure that’s exactly what Kate Middleton needed when she faced the world’s press on her wedding day. As if getting married isn’t scary enough, she was marrying England’s future king and all eyes were on her. And what did her sister do? She was right there behind her all the way up the (what must have felt like a mile-long) aisle. Pippa and her perfect bum also deflected a little of the media attention from her Royal sis… which for Kate I’m sure was no bad thing.

3. They share the same goals as you
My sister and I had many shared interests growing up (mainly sleeping in, eating ice-cream and watching five-hour-long reruns of Sunset Beach). We went out together, were with each other when we met the good, the bad and the ugly (now ex) boyfriends, helped each other with school work, job applications and teenage dilemmas, and generally took an interest in everything the other one did.

Which makes me wonder – could the Venus sisters have achieved what they have achieved without getting to be focused on the same goals and egging each other on? Would they have stuck with it, and become the champions they have become, had they not had each other to practice with, talk to, support and have a healthy competition with? I doubt it.

4. Through thick and thin
The world can be a cruel place, but as long as you have a sister by your side they will keep your feet firmly on the ground and be your biggest cheerleader. When I’ve felt crap about myself, my sister has reminded me what makes me a great person; and when my hair looks like shit or I’m being a bitch, my sister has made sure I know about it… and taken me back to being a better person (but with better hair).

So when the world laughs at you, critisizes you or brings you down, your sisters will defend you to the end (even if you deserve it). Just look at the Kardashians. No woman alone would have been able to cope with that amount of attention or internet trolling, but the Kardashian clan (Klan?) are in it together and there for each other. Yes they argue, bicker, compete and sulk with their sisters, but they defend each other to the hilt. And there’s a lot of invincible power in that… a lot.

5. Your sister is your best friend
Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or to borrow a lipstick – your sister is always there.
You have a lifetime of in-jokes, you can read each other’s mind with just one glance and you know, whatever you do or wherever you go, it will be fun.

Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica know exactly what I mean. You only have to see them together to tell that they are the best of friends. Monica may not be as Hollywood as her older sister, but she has been just as successful an actress and even danced in Juaquín Cortes’ flamenco troupe. They’ve collaborated together in fashion collections for Mango, Monica acted as a stand in when Penelope was too pregnant for distance shots in the film Pirates of the Caribbean and they are now mums together. They’ve stood up for each other, been there for each other, shared goals, ridden the rough and smooth together and stayed best of friends.

In short – they are what sisters should be.

Still not convinced that life is easier with your sister by your side?
Then press play, turn up the volume and sing it loud and proud… SISTERS ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES (and each other)!

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