By Miss Pollyanna, 11th November 2016

As Sisters We Will Rise

Above This Misogynistic Crap

Above This Misogynistic Crap

I am a Positivity Guru. And I am human. What happened on Wednesday 9th November, despite the fact I do not live in America, was one of the craziest situations I have ever witnessed in my life. I am sure he has some nice sides, I am sure he is, as he claimed to be throughout his race to become President, a ‘nice guy’. But men who are truly happy, men who are truly secure in their skin (Obama and Lincoln spring to mind), do not refer to women as objects.

Ever. No excuses. No loopholes.

They just do not do it… unless they are deflecting because they have a rabid insecurity issue.

And unless you have been living on a desert island for the past few months, you will be more than aware of the kind of derogatory remarks about the female of the species that one President elect, Donald Trump (he possessing the Mr Whippy ice cream hair and several billion) has had to share with the planet.

Yeah, yeah, an eye for an eye… I know, now I am retaliating with my critique of his appearance. Grant me one vice in this article. I am only human, as I say. Others have been a helluva lot stronger with their words, after all.

So I have commiserated for a few days, with a lot of other people on the planet. It felt like the most colossal step back for humanity after all the good that has come out of the Obama government, from Barack and Michelle alike. It felt like the most colossal step back for women, for equality of gender, and for equality of race and creed.

But today and every day moving forward during this man’s rein on the Presidential throne, we, as sisters have one job and one job only: TO RISE.

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Just as Barack Obama so quaintly reminded us, ‘the sun will rise again’ after the shock of the election, and likewise, so must we own our power. Nobody else truly has the power to create in our individual realities, after all. Thank you, Law of Attraction. Darkness may momentarily dim the light, but there is no off switch in this Universe that can compete with the Light that is a woman who believes in herself unequivocally.

To put it bluntly to Trump, to put it bluntly to anybody with the same warped ideas as him:

“[Feminism is] equality: politically; culturally; socially; economically. That’s it, that simple.”
Emma Watson

And so as sisters we will flippin’ well rise with the biggest smile on our faces:

  • As sisters we will rise to run for presidency in 2020 (Hell yeah!)
  • As sisters we will rise to be seen with or without make-up, wearing whatever we like, devoid of giving a shit about being scored out of five by anybody.
  • As sisters we will rise to not so much shatter the glass ceiling, but elevate through the skyscraper’s roof while we’re at it.
  • As sisters we will rise to lead nations big and small.
  • As sisters we will rise to make the piloting of an aircraft by a female old and irrelevant news (as opposed to something that initiates a cheer of “Ooh, that is quite something, isn’t it? Well jolly good for her, doing it for the girls!”)
  • As sisters we will rise to claim our equal pay for winning sporting tournaments.
  • As sisters we will rise to claim our equal pay in all professions.
  • As sisters we will rise to compete in rugby, football, basketball and baseball without as much as eliciting a raised eye-brow from an on-looker.
  • As sisters we will rise to making amazing ‘Eureka’ discoveries in science and technology.
  • As sisters we will rise to come home from work to a cooked meal on the table courtesy of our partners… without being frowned upon for shunning our ‘traditional role’ by those nosy buggers outside our family unit.
  • As sisters we will rise to inspire the next generation of females to take hold of the baton, to levitate us females to higher and higher and higher heights.

Because there is nothing like a naysayer (especially a naysayer in the shape of a sexist President) to make us all the more determined to create the kind of world we deserve; the kind of world we all deserve. Women and men.


Shout it out, loud and proud. Pass it on. Spread the word. Change the world.

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