By Miss Pollyanna, 2nd November 2016

Brexit From a Spiritual Point of View

Can the EU Referendum Result help us grow at Soul Level?

Can the EU Referendum Result help us grow at Soul Level?

On June 24th 2016, as the world woke up to the groundbreaking news that the UK had voted to leave Europe, I fell spectacularly off the spiritual bandwagon. Positivity, deliberate creation and the Law of Attraction went out the window. I was thrown off kilter for an entire week, and if I’m honest, a couple of days besides. I reacted to reality instead of remembering I create it. I ranted and raved with the best of them, and people were left in no doubt (especially via Facebook) as to my views on the ‘heartless mass decision’. I posted pro EU article after article and meme after meme. I was angry, full of venom for anybody who begged to differ.

Shock Brexit News

And then I calmed down.

My initial outrage subsided and I remembered that conditions can only be accepted if we want things to change. We simply cannot fight or push against something enough to eliminate it. Be that war, drugs, poverty, illness or the result of a vote that we don’t agree with.

But first despair, anger, grief and denial simply had to be expressed.
None of us should feel bad for that. As much as those of us who aim to prioritise happiness over everything are ‘vibrational snobs’ (to coin a term used by Abraham Hicks) in our everyday lives, choosing to focus on the positive and to turn the other cheek to the negative, when something this big happens – and it is not what we want – there is, naturally, an emotional scale to climb until we can get back to those feelings of positivity again. As many rightly put it to the Pro Leave Posse: ‘What did you expect, that we’d get over this by teatime?

Despite the unwanted (and now probably inevitable) exit from Europe, the fact remains, on a spiritual level, there is no wrong anywhere in the universe.

Now that’s an extremely tricky thought to buy into; a thought which I am, admittedly, still getting my head around, still learning to accept. And when it comes to the ‘real world’ of flesh and bones that we see before us, we will most of us, probably only agree with this statement when we look back in centuries time in hindsight… from another plane of existence. Just like we look back at the ‘great tragedies’ of history from millennia ago, without which, humanity would never have progressed to where we are today.

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So for now, because now is where we are, what spiritual positives can we take from such a seemingly unwanted situation?

First off, there’s this: If we voted in fear, we will only attract more of it into our life.
No amount of hating on immigration or ‘foreigners’ (most who voted to leave did so because they were fearful of not only the current numbers of overseas populations living in the UK, but those they envisaged waiting at Turkish borders to bolt like horses on Derby Day to infiltrate their town), will change anything for the better.

If we voted with thoughts of lack and limitation, if we fell prey to the scaremongering of certain tabloids and politicians, then, regardless of us thinking we have woken up to a ‘Greater Britain’, the universe will find ways to deliver more of the things we seek to avoid.

This is not because we are being punished.

When we think, say or DO anything (in this case casting a fearful vote), Law of Attraction doesn’t make any concessions. Our NO to being governed by the EU, our NO to ‘others taking our jobs’, our NO to living in a country we feel we had no control over is simply computed as a YES to all of those things. And ever the obedient genie in a bottle that is Law of Attraction, boomerangs exactly those things (or their vibrational equivalent) back to us so they play out as the movie of our individual lives. 

Of course, we can change our outlook at any time and negate the above, but only if we truly feel it in our hearts.

In the same way that those of us who voted to remain did so out of love for Europe, love for freedom and love for our fellow human beings, whilst the result has shocked many of us to the core, once again, we can rest assured that LOA will deliver. A way will be made for us to continue to attract the positive, despite outward appearances of walls being built, borders being closed, exchange rates hitting all time lows, racist attacks firing up and our basic human rights being restricted. When peace and equality are our core values, our outer world will reflect that back to us.

Secondly, the young are here to enlighten the old.
Now, before anybody deems this a flippant and ignorant remark, hear me out…
Whether we like it or not, from a spiritual point of view, this is almost always true. Why? Because the young vibrate at a higher, more spiritually aligned frequency, that’s all. Just as my parents’ generation have provided many a lesson in enlightenment to my grandparents’ generation, so my grandparents’ generation provided the same insights to my great-grandparents’ generation. This is how we, as humanity, evolve and grow at soul level.

None of this is to say the older generations are wrong. They have done the best they could with the tools and education and backgrounds and social conditioning and levels of inner enlightenment they had achieved. They simply couldn’t perceive things any differently. They are on their own personal spiritual journeys.

“Don’t let someone’s unconscious acts define you. Chances are the healing journey spurred on by their actions will result in you being even more whole than before it happened in the first place. If it hurts like hell, take solace in knowing that any kind of cracking open is always a blessing in the end…”
Rebecca Campbell, Light is the New Black

Meanwhile, the younger generations are, for the most part, better in tune with their hearts, their higher selves, and love.

It’s the very reason they are less politically engaged. The lies and deception, the spin doctors and cover ups, the scandals and quite frankly, the Etonian silver-spooned representatives of our country who ‘speak for your democracy’ do not (on the whole) interest them.

The young electorate have taught us in this referendum that they are, mostly, an inclusive, equality based group. They adore Europe and see only the opportunities it brings. They have a natural tendency to shine a spotlight on the good and ignore the bad. Many of them know and consciously utilise the Law of Attraction.

They perceive planet Earth in much the same way as Tim Peake (or any of the other ISS astronauts). They know that in the great scheme of things, we are but a tiny grain of sand on a vast beach which represents The Universe and this spinning sphere of ours belongs to everyone. We all have the right to call home whichever part of it we choose. No patch of it was created for one person over and above another.

Yet in as much as they see the world as ‘One’…
They also looked at the vote not as an X Factor  phone in, whose consequences wouldn’t matter because they’d probably never come to fruition. They didn’t obscure their vision by squinting around at grassroots level, fearful of growing waiting lists for health appointments, their grandchildren’s school places and their sons’ and daughters’ jobs.

Rather they rose up eagle-like, taking their vision to greater heights and voted in optimism (knowing there is ALWAYS a way, and that there are infinite pieces of pie for ALL human beings.)

But they didn’t stop there. More importantly (something which is so very crucial to this moment in time when we have recently witnessed racist AND homophobic attacks, they had the gumption to foresee the ripple effects of erecting fences. Not just the hideous can of worms that is racism. But the can of worms that is fascism. Because let’s face it… those who are racist, even mildly and subconsciously, have more than a tendency to be homophobic too.

Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King says it best:

“Homophobia is like racism and anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood… this sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group.”

Many of us haven’t seen it this way though.
We have focused instead on what we feel is an ungrateful attack on the older generation. Memes and reminders of the ‘sacrifice’ that our forefathers and mothers have made for us, the ‘belligerent youth’, have been floating about on social media. We are told that the young should have more respect for their elders and all that they have done to bring freedom to the country.

But you cannot fight enough wars with war to prevent further battles. The more mass consciousness we devote to war and remembering it, the more we attract war in the world. It’s just the way LOA (The Law of Attraction) works. Love really is the only way to a peaceful planet.

The wonderful Sheila Hancock totally bucks the trend of convention when it comes to an alternative senior point of view. This footage taken during a TV debate just before the votes were cast:

We are human beings. All of us. Just because we are born in one country, does not mean we cannot live, work and study in another. Regardless of the size of that country’s population. Ultimately, numbers always even themselves out. Lest we forget the vast numbers of British citizens living elsewhere in the world… and certainly in no hurry to come back.

None of this is to belittle the contribution of war veterans to society.
The youth of today, no doubt about it, are lucky, bloody lucky never to have experienced war. However, they have been taught about it. In history lessons up and down the country. They are far from ignorant as to the dedication and valour of those who put their lives on the line for King and country. They are also acutely aware of just how easy it is to cross that very fine line and go right back there. Why? Because they have traveled extensively, studied at length, made friends with people from every kind of ethnic background imaginable.

They have heard their stories.

All of these factors have left their mark, alarm bells from the not so distant past, alarm bells that they never want to encounter in their lifetime.

I’ll leave you with another quote from the fabulous ‘Light in the New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell, whose words, published just last year, seem to me to be as timely as ever:

“We are entering a time in history when we are moving from patriarchy to matriarchy…”

At this point, I am inclined to ask her if she could foresee that Theresa May would become Britian’s second female Prime Minister! But I will be quiet and let Rebecca continue:

“Perhaps you’ve noticed it in your own life. Friendships that once felt like they’d last forever are drifting, relationships that you’ve been clinging to are hanging by a thread…”

Never was a truer word spoken for me personally. I had no choice but to unfriend a handful of acquaintances on Facebook whom I clearly didn’t have enough in common with after reading some of their remarks on immigration post referendum!

“Life is throwing things at us to bring us back to the most authentic, fluid version of ourselves. Our foundations are being shaken, with only the parts of us rooted in authenticity able to survive.”

In other words, in Rebecca’s words once again:

“Inauthenticity no longer stands a chance.”

What did you think?

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