By Miss Pollyanna, 30th December 2016

Don’t Blame 2016!

Get Some Perspective...

Get Some Perspective…

She’s been a different year, I’ll grant you that. Even a “Positivity Guru” like me, somebody who never watches the news, has found herself caught up in the media’s colossal trawler nets of doom, gloom and sensationalism. Not helped remotely by the fact that I’m Prince’s Number One Fan. Not helped remotely by the fact that I adore Europe and have friends from every nation under the sun (snow and rain).

I have mislaid my rose-tinted glasses on more occasions than I care to remember this year. So I get it. I really do.

But all this “2016, you Evil Bitch!” malarkey has got to stop now.

Cut it out, guys.

She’s just a year, standing in front of us, asking to be loved.

And if we all cast our minds back, a lot of good stuff DID happen. So especially at Christmas, let’s stop being so sherry glass half-full.

Our lives are our responsibilities. Same goes for our perspective.
If we want to experience a different world, only we can make that happen. We as mass consciousness have “allowed” things to reach the merry state of affairs that is Brexit… and Trump. We could have chosen differently. But we didn’t. And so the end of 2016 sees us in a place of limbo… waiting, praying, begging for things to be different; that we might somehow wake up in 2017 and find this was all just a very bad dream. Anything but the unthinkable destiny which lays before us like a devil with a red hot poker.

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Except we cannot push or fight against anything without making it bigger and bigger and bigger.

Trump’s hair-do has taught us that much.

And so acceptance is the key.
Acceptance of the situation doesn’t mean we like it… or that it’s right for us as individuals. Far from it. But it does mean we have pivoted our point of attraction (which is a very real thing), that we are now on track to start a revolution; to focus on what we DO want. And when we begin to shift our perspective, even to that sweet Tipping Point of 51% positivity: BAM! Watch how quickly things begin to change for the better.

In just the same way, we need to accept death.
Because it is kind of inevitable. It’s just part of life, and, as reported from many a source, it’s the biggest illusion of all, since we are eternal energy (quantum physics has proven over and over again that energy can only change form… that it can never be destroyed.).

Nothing and no-one is ever truly “lost”, they are simply having a new experience on another plane, still able to connect with us when we are joyful and allowing enough to tap into “heaven” here on Earth.

Maybe I am more blasé than most about the passing of a person who has truly “lived”? Perhaps my own relaxed perspective comes from the journey I have been on as a grieving mum; a mum whose baby was stillborn? I suppose in a sense, yes, that much is true. I look at an adult’s passing and think “well, they’ve experienced many years of life, they have something to show for it, photograph albums full of memories,” (and in the case of our beloved celebrities, much of those lives will have been sheer abundance after all).

None of this is said to belittle, simply to bring some much needed perspective.

We live in an era that’s bursting at the seams with “stars”, a time when it’s seemingly easier than ever to become famous (often forgetting that we are all made of stars in reality). All of which means in any given year, some of these people will inevitably pass away. It just so happens that in 2016 we “lost” a number of authentically talented icons. From David Bowie to Carrie Fisher, from George Michael to Victoria Wood. I’ll refrain from listing them all, it is way too sad.


God didn’t snatch them away in anger. Their 2016s were not cursed. They simply lived their lives and then…

We’ve “lost” talent from the worlds of Hollywood, the international music scene, comedy, radio and television.

We’ve “lost” giant souls who embodied freedom, individuality, feminism and daring.

We’ve “lost” people who inspired us to be all that we can as individuals. Their music, film roles, humour and wisdom have been handed to us like a baton in a team relay. If only we’ll take it…

We’ve “lost” spiritual teachers.

But have we really lost them?
I don’t think so. Not with the legacy of the arts they have gifted us, not with the collective memories they were a part of, not with the ripples they sent out into the stratosphere; ripples which ignited change for women’s rights, equality and just about everything else in-between.

None of that is lost.

This is an ever-expanding Universe. This is an ever-evolving Universe. 2016 has simply been a year of change, that’s all. Even if it feels as if Brexit and Trump are casting us back to the Dark Ages. Out of chaos will come the biggest clarity.

What if (as crazy as it sounds), those who died this year were a group of souls who came together (pre-earthly birth) with a message for humanity, to plant some seeds?

I’m not sure my theory is so outlandish. ‘Cos we’re all feeling something, right?

So why don’t we take our inspiration from their lead anyway? Because what’s the alternative?

To wallow in despondency at the state of the world?

To wish we were living in the “good old days” before the advent of Justin Bieber and reality TV?

Is that what Muhammad Ali would have done? Or Leonard Cohen?

Damned right they wouldn’t. In fact I can sense little Ronnie Corbett donning his tap dancing shoes as I type.

2017 bring on the good stuff!

What did you think?

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