By Miss Pollyanna, 30th April 2019

How to Attract Positive People!

The Power is in Your Hands...

The Power is in Your Hands…

Are you fed up with the moan and groan brigade? Do you constantly seem to rub up against Negative Nellies and Scaremongering Sallys? What if I told you that you were attracting these very people by virtue of your thoughts and beliefs? Does that make you feel like slapping me and telling me I am being utterly ridiculous? Or are you ready to explore the possibility (actually it’s more like a deeply-concreted fact, #sorrynotsorry) that you and you alone magnetise your tribe, your people, and your posse to YOU.

It’s true.
It’s often tricky to get your head around at first, especially if you have never heard of the Law of Attraction (my fave subject in the world after cake), but on a very basic level, the way you feel… as well as your thoughts, words and actions, quite literally bounces itself out into the universe like a radio tower submitting a frequency. And back to either bite you on the bum or embrace you in joy, warm hugs and all things merry, come the circumstances of your life… not excluding The Peeps!

We are all fundamentally made of energy, like attracts like and this invisible force we call LOA is as sure-footed on planet earth as the gravity that plants our feet on the ground. We may not be able to see it with our eyes, but in the same way that we cannot see electricity, make no bones about it, Law of Attraction is not only real, it governs us all day, every day. We may as well work with a power that amazing!

When you are flying high on good vibes.
What you will find, after a little practise and time is that the previously irritating folk pervading your life, well, they will zig as you zag. This is a favourite term of mine from the teachings of Abraham Hicks and in my experience it is most definitely kosher.

In other words, your paths just won’t ‘dovetail’. You won’t bump into one another. Even if you are supposed to be in the same place at the same time – for a meeting, a social gathering or whatever, magically, they will arrive late and have to take the seat at the far end of the table, or get an invitation elsewhere so you don’t end up making small talk at the kid’s birthday party… or suddenly they’ll be off on holiday to Bognor Regis, or come down with a stinking cold, or miss the train/bus/plane.

This is the power you have within. Start using it wisely. You didn’t come here to face reality (or annoying people for that matter), you came here to planet Earth to let the contrast that is ‘annoying stuff’ inspire you to know what you DO want. And when that comes to people, it means focusing on their good points, getting generally happy and watching how the dynamics of your relationships play out. It’s absolutely one of the most fun things ever, I promise.

Positive aspects.
Look, I’m not going to pretend it’s easy at the outset, particularly if you have a tonne of niggly persons to deal with, but, as with everything spiritually minded, all it takes is a little intention. The results will be so dramatic. If all this is new to you, you’ll probably put it down to coincidence. Although I will tell you now: that doesn’t exist!

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No, any improvement in the nature of the people who are suddenly flocking to you, and equally melting away from you (in a good way… I don’t mean they’re dying and stuff!), will be proof of your scientific experiment.

When you catch yourself in a happier mindset throughout the day, milk it. I mean really cash in on it. Now is the time to mentally (or physically) list all the great things about those who push your buttons. Now is also the perfect moment to be specific about the new and upbeat crowd you’d like to hang out with. What kind of traits do they have? Are they jokers? Uplifting storytellers, inspirational people, happy-go-lucky and always shining a light on the bright side, are they self confident, do you literally feel like they are lifting you up? Probably they are a combination of many of these things and more.

Ask the universe to bring these people to you. You don’t need to ‘effort’ and go out looking for them. That’s not the way it works. Let the universe know you are ready. Believe your request has been answered, feel good and carry on with your day.

Watch what happens. I am telling you, cheery star-spangly, exciting people will come out of the woodwork in the least plausible and funniest of places. Another reason why it is so much more satisfying to trust the universe’s bird’s eye view, for it knows the quickest and best routes to bring you all things… including new friends in all shapes and forms!

We complicate so many of our relationships.
But it can be as easy or complex as we make it. All we have to do to attract is ask, believe and then receive. Give focus to the good points of the button pushers around us… even the smallest gestures such as appreciating their new hair cut/bag or faint whiff of Chanel no 5, and wonder at the parting of the waves/avalanche of fresh new sidekicks!

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