By A. Svärd, 31st July 2015

A Lesson in Self Empowerment

How to Feel Good Even When You Don't

How to Feel Good Even When You Don’t

A. Svärd lives in Sweden where she is a writer and founder of the Law of Attraction blog and has recently published her first book “From no self-esteem to total self-empowerment! How to feel good and improve your life.” With knowledge and experience, Svärd helps those who have difficulty with self belief and self empowerment. Svärd talks openly to The Glass House Girls and gives us a lesson in Self Empowerment and discusses how we can use it in our daily lives to live more positively in today’s media rich and negative society. 

Is it possible to get a radiant self-esteem and feel good about yourself even if you have spent your entire life hating yourself and feeling like the most insecure person in the world?
Yes of course! How you feel about yourself is 100% in your control and if you at least WANT to feel better, it is possible.

Can you change how you feel right away?
Probably not, but with time you will develop the empowering unconditional love and confidence you desire.

How do you begin?
One of the easiest ways of shifting how you look at yourself is by deliberately beginning to look for what you like in everyone and everything you see. It may sound weird but it really does work. If you have spent your entire life hating yourself it means you have a really strongly practiced habit of looking at yourself with negative eyes. So, if you begin practicing using a positive way of looking at easier things FIRST, then that positive habit will, in a very short time, begin to feel so natural to you that when you look at yourself you begin to see your beauty, gifts and positive aspects too.

So, begin now by deciding that you will find three things you like about everyone you see.
It can be people you work with, people you see on the bus and even people you see on TV or hear on the radio! Everyone is included in your new game of focusing. Have fun with it! Don’t beat up on yourself if you find yourself not able to find a positive aspect with a person who has brought you a lot of grief, at first that will be normal. Just keep saying to yourself: “You are really hard to like right now but I know that one day I will find a positive aspect about you, and when I do, I will practice thinking only about that positive aspect and leave out the rest because I know that whatever I give my attention to I attract more of – and I certainly don’t want to attract more negativity into my life! Right now I will choose to just let you be and focus on the easy things.”
Try to be playful about this and see it as a game of improving your focus…


Another important step is to begin showing yourself that YOU care about yourself.
Begin pampering yourself by doing things that feel good to you. Why not go get a massage, buy some new clothes you really love, listen to your favourite music, enjoy the food that gives you pleasure, or read your favourite book…? The list is endless! Make it a daily habit to do more things that feel really good to you. A great beginning is to say to yourself:
“Each day I will do at least three things that feel really good to me. Today I think I will… because…”

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One of the most important steps you can take on your path to increased self-esteem is to stop caring what others think of you.
You don’t need anyone else’s approval of you in order to feel good, you only need your own approval of you to feel good. Of course it feels great when someone shows you that they like you and approve of you, but if you need their recognition in order to feel good, you are stuck in a very limiting place! If they don’t like you and instead show you disapproval you will feel bad since you have given your power away. Take control back by realizing that how they feel about you is more about them than you. A person who truly feels good about themselves only looks for the best in others as well – you can’t point out flaws in someone else unless you are thinking negative lackful thoughts. How they feel about you is due to their own positive or negative thinking. How you feel about them is due to your own positive or negative thinking. And you have 100% control of the thoughts you choose to think about others and yourself. When you begin to shift your thinking into a more positive, allowing way of thinking, you will attract people who match how good you feel. Whatever you choose to give your attention to, you’ll get more of.

These are the first steps toward finding your own empowerment and confidence. And yes, it IS possible. I spent the first 24 years of my life hating myself and feeling like a powerless, insecure and unworthy victim. But one day I decided to change how I thought and it improved my entire life!

If I can do it, you can do it!

Want to know more? A.Svärd’s book is available to buy here:

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