By The Duchess, 16th March 2017

What it Means to be a Glass House Girl

Who will you be Today?

Who will you be Today?

Throughout history women have been pigeonholed and departmentalized. People like to know what kind of category of woman they are dealing with… then treat us accordingly.

Don’t believe me? Then let’s take a look at how we look at mothers.

We are either a Yummy Mummy, a Yoga Mum, a Boozy Mum, a Selfish Mum, a Working Mum and God forbid if you forget the Pinterest Mum. Apparently being a mum means you have to fit into a certain box. Let’s flip this. Do we get Football Dads, Gym Dads, Couch Dads and Gardening Dads? Of course not. Silly, right?

And it’s not just parents. Women are either Businesswomen or Homemakers. We are either single and desperately looking for a man to complete us, or we are a married ball and chain (and a nag to boot).

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So why do we have to pick one of these categories and stay there?

Every woman is a multitude of people, but that does not mean we are schizophrenic or have issues with multiple personality disorder. It simply means we are well rounded, have many interests and are multi-talented. Hell, it just means we want to have a go at a little bit of everything and be a little bit of everyone. Whenever we fancy – ta very much.

For instance – on any given day we women start the day thinking, “I fancy baking something” – put on our pinny and spend the morning in the kitchen creating the most amazing delectable delights. That does not mean that we can’t exit the kitchen, put on our business suit and take our home-baked treats to our high-powered city job – then have an hour of meditation in the evening followed by a casual one night stand.

I wake up every morning and get to choose who I want to be that day. I get to choose what facet to show people, and that side may change throughout the day (or by the hour, depending on what my hormones are like). Not because I am fake, but because like a diamond I have many sides to me and life is far too short not to enjoy each and every one of them.

And that is how The Glass House came about.

When we (three experienced writers, business women and mothers) decided to launch our web-based magazine, it was important to us to also build a Home. A place that any woman can walk into and depending on how she is feeling that day, or just at that point in time, will know there is a place where there are people she can relate to who understand her. And those women are you, me and of course The Glass House Girls.

So who are the resident writers of The Glass House?

They are a fun and realistic representation of three facets of every woman’s personality – the Bitch (well, more of a loudmouthed saucy minx), the Saint and the Superhero.
Lady Lolita is the feisty Latino babe who is not afraid to talk about the topics we are all thinking about, but are too scared to say out loud. She is the friend you can tell all your deepest darkest secrets to over a glass of wine, or even better, a few cocktails. And she will tell you exactly what she thinks about them.
Miss Pollyanna is our happy-go-lucky, perky, life-loving gal. Her articles reflect the way she sees the world in general, a positive happy place. If you need a boost, she is the perfect person to give you a dose of positivity.
The Duchess takes the moral high ground. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and always comes to the rescue when anyone needs help. Her articles have a moral and she always stays in control.

But of course this doesn’t mean that The Glass House girls always stick to their boxes… they are multi-faceted diamond ladies too, after all! Lady Lolita can get deadly serious at times and Miss Pollyanna has even been known to have the odd ‘not so rosy’ day!

We are all a mix of every woman with opinions and views. But most of us keep those opinions to ourselves for fear of being departmentalized and stuck in our own box, or even worse… judged. That is why you now have The Glass House.

At The Glass House you can have as many different opinions as you like. You can be Miss Pollyanna at breakfast, The Duchess at work then by the time you get home you can be Lady Lolita. And you know what? That’s ok!

At The Glass House we promise you 5 things:

1: You will never be put in one single box… you are welcome to be whoever you are, whenever you want to be.

2: Your opinions and views on life will never be judged.

3: The Glass House Girls will stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you throw the stones at your own Glass House. Because let’s face it, we should be the ones to throw the first stone.

4: Our Glass Ceiling is there for you to shatter in the most spectacular of ways. Never ever aim for the stars, walk with them – and let us help you get there.

5: We will always be as transparent as the walls of our Glass House. No judgment, nothing hidden – just the truth all the time. Even if sometimes the truth hurts.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of your box, be proud to have a million personalities and join us on the roller coaster of womanhood. It has its ups, and its downs, but you can guarantee it’s always fun and never boring – whoever you feel like being today.


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